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Alexa Ray Joel was born on December 29, in the year, 1985 and she is a very famous singer, pianist and songwriter. Alexa Ray Joel’s parents are model Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel.

Alexa Ray Joel had gone on to release an EP Sketches in the year, 2006 and also many singles on independent record labels. Alexa Ray Joel has also performed at many charity events and New York City fashion events. In the year, 2010 Alexa Ray Joel had been chosen as the spokesmodel for Prellshampoo. When Alexa Ray Joel had been 19 years old, she had Joel assembled a band and also performed her debut live show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

In the year, 2006 Alexa Ray Joel had played almost 100 shows, and this also included a Hard Rock Cafe tour which had been completed by May 2006. Alexa Ray Joel had then self-released and distributed the six-song EP Sketches in the year, 2006.

Alexa Ray Joel had gone on to explain:

“It’s called Sketches they were raw, often done in one take.”

She had designed and also illustrated the CD cover, the packaging and the inserts which included Alexa Ray Joel’s handwritten lyrics.

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  1. The wonderful queen of Turks and Caicos !

    “I′ve been searching for you
    I heard a cry within my soul
    I’ve never had a yearning quite like this before…”

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