The Hottest Alanna Ubach Photos Around The Net

Alanna Noel Ubach was born on 3rd October 1975 in Downey, California as the younger daughter of Sidna and Rodolfo Ubach and as a younger sister to Athena Ubach. Her father was raised and brought up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and her mother subsequently born in Sinaloa, Mexico and brought up in Los Angeles. Alanna also enrolled herself at the film school in the University of Southern California. But later, dropped out after one semester.

Alanna achieved name and fame in a bigger basket after her appearance as Serena McGuire in the movie Legally Blonde and as Isabel Villalobos in the movie Meet the Fockers. One proverb remains true in her case, that, talent always comes in bigger packages. She proved it correct when she lent her voice to several characters played in the animation world. Of these few of the well-known movies and shows included Liz Allan (character of The Spectacular Spider-Man), title character of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Lola Boa (character of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers), Strudel (character of Pound Puppies) also altogether four different characters in the film Rango that even won an Oscar.

She also appeared in the famous TV series Beakman’s World in the character of Josie, the assistant. In the year 1994, she was also praised for her role as the Jewish Girl in Kindertransport by The New York Times. She also made a remarkable appearance in movies like Airborne (1993), Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993), Renaissance Man (1994) and The Brady Bunch movie (1995). In the year 2004, in the movie Waiting, Ubach was starred along with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris. Later in the same year, she was also successful in bagging the role of a Latina caterer in the movie Meet the Fockers. She also made special appearances in the movie Hung (2009) and Californication (2013).

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