The Best Plus-Size Outfit Ideas for Fall

Many women know that having few more pounds than what’s socially “acceptable” doesn’t mean giving up on pretty clothes and leaving them only to the skinny. It means that you can dress however you want no matter your size, and still look good and confident. In this article we picked ten amazing outfit ideas for every woman who’s fighting against social norms and taboos – keep up the good work and the style!

1. Keepin’ it Casual


We totally understand if you hate spending so much time in front of your wardrobe and wonder what to wear today, tomorrow, the day after and so on.. Some enjoy it and some don’t! But, either way, having an outfit that would fit your mood no matter what’s going on, is definitely needed! You can wear your favorite jeans and even white denim as picture, wear it with a regular, plain black t – shirt and a long cardigan. Adding a piece of jewelry is always a good idea, so you can try out a necklace or earrings. When it comes to shoes, pick whatever that’s comfortable with you and maybe something with a print that will add more style to the outfit.

2. Pick a Poncho


Diane von Furstenberg’s poncho was a huge hit last season and no matter your size, having that one or any other pretty poncho can be amazing! This picture proves how good can look on you, especially if you wear it with black, high boots, a fancy bag and a nice watch. If you’re successful at picking the right outfit colors that would match together, you’re going to be attract so many glances at the street! This outfit is really a nice way to boost a little confidence, when you know how good clothes can make us feel.

3. The Hat


The hat is such a classic and has that power of transforming even the most ordinary outfits into stylish ones. There are so many combinations in which you can include the hat as well. Fall is coming, so let’s focus on all things fall: wearing a jumper with a beneath can look great. It’s suitable for work and for everyday occasions, like getting a coffee with your friends. Wearing your favorite pants and boots will also go good with your outfit in general. Don’t forget your favorite bag as well!

4. Mid Skirt with Print


This one is for those special occasions! A party, a special meeting or a gathering, it doesn’t ,atter because you’ll be on point. Mid skirts are a great piece of clothing that looks elegant and feels comfortable at the same time. Depending on your body figure, but most of the time the mid skirt suits the female body so well. It can even add a little bit of the 50’s charm. To make your outfit even better, pick a mid skirt with an interesting print. Floral, polka dots, stripes… it’s your choice! Make sure to add some jewelry, it knows instantly how to boost your outfit – it’s all in the details, right?

5. Chic Combination


Isn’t this one extremely adorable and chic outfit? You will look in it like a street style star! It’s the perfect combination of wearing your favorite skater dress, a leather jacket and a hat. It has so much fall vibes in it! This outfit is really easy to copy, and you probably already have all the needed pieces. It’s great for casual gatherings with friends and for strolling around the city. Clothes have power to boost our confidence, and this one is definitely one of them.

6. Everyday Outfit


Who said that plus size women can’t dress like street style stars? This outfit is so chic, that you’ll want to wear it for the rest of the week! It’s easy to copy it – all you need is the three most important piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe – black pants, a plain t – shirt and a leather jacket. These three go together so well! In order to boost the way you look, wearing a heels with an interesting print can be just the thing you need. As pictured, you can go after animal print, or try other.

7. Balmain Inspired


Is there anyone who doesn’t love the work of Balmain? Not everyone can afford the pieces, but at least we can try to copy that look, right? So, this picture proves how good can an outfit look, even if it’s not the original designer, but something similar. The trick in this outfit is finding the right blazer. White blazer with golden buttons, a pair of black pants, a clutch and a killer shoes. Add the right pieces of jewelry, like a watch and earrings as well.

8. Color of Fall


Very often fall comes with such a huge inspiration to dress in the colors of the season: brown, green, red and all the shades in between. Being inspired by these colors can turn out as an amazing outfit! Just follow the example of this amazing blogger. Dressing yourself all in shades of brown can look quite chic, even if the clothes you’re wearing are that simple. So, choose dark brown, beige, caramel, or even bronze. All these shades can make you as one true fall fashion star!

9. All White


It is usually recommended for plus size ladies to avoid white and other lighter colors because they put the focus on the figure. However, who said that this rule is supposed to be followed? No matter how much you weight, you can also look good in white. Especially when it comes to pieces like those on the picture – they’re super trendy and will allow you to look super stylish. Choose white pieces and wear the ones that you love the most, and make you feel comfortable.

10. Rocker Chic


Wearing an edgy, rock outfit is always a good idea, it’s like experimenting with different styles that can be quite fun, if you enjoy fashion experimenting! For this type of outfit you don’t need some special clothes, in fact you need your favorite pair of jeans, preferably to be ripped off and a plain, black t – shirt. Here is all about the details. Having a skull – inspired scarf like the one on the picture is going to achieve the rocker outfit. Adding a rocker jewelry will be fine too!

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