Teacher Gets Fired After Her “OnlyFans” Clip With Student Goes Viral

Esmee Rose has become one of OnlyFans top creators–and for good reason.

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  1. Lord Have Mercy

    Narcissistic as fuck and turns what is a sexy body and face into ugly (for those who perceive it rather than just let their brains be bypassed). This is a result of selfie and such technoloy and social media. POSING. What used to take a photographer handling the angles and shot setup, allowing and encouraging as part of the process, the model to have SOME natural expression, now is replaced by contrived as fuck looks. NOT SEXY AT ALL. If you’ve ever been with a narcissistic woman you know what I mean. Always working some angle, can never relax properly, and they require a dumbed-down man to manipulate or else! NOT SEXY. Heaven help kids who are taught by such a woman, unless she can compartmentalize – and it looks like she cannot… Now go look at Monica Bellucci for some class.

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