Swimsuits Trends to Steal from Victoria’s Secret Swim Special

1It’s summertime! I bet you finally got in great shape; you are looking forward to your dream vacation, and packing a suitcase in your mind. Wait! What about a swimsuit? Still don’t have one for this summer season? No need to worry. This year, Victoria’s Secret Angels is upping the swimsuit ante and will inspire you to choose the trendy items for the season to look fantastic at the beach. So, forget about the idea of taking one of your old swimsuits with you and steal some of these Victoria’s Secret Swim Special trends!



1. Color-Block Neoprene. This stylish bikini is available in many different color combinations so you won’t have a hard time looking for your favorite shade. There are a few options for this model: a strapless top, a top with removable straps, a top with a zipper, a swimsuit with different kinds of elasticity (strong, medium, low).


2. Mesh. This interesting element makes any bikini look sporty and elegant at the same time. Sheer mesh, special pads and straps will provide the perfect balance. Well-designed peek-a-boo sides on the bottom deliver a cheeky image. If you want to achieve a retro look, try on a high-waist bikini. The black color works just best with this kind of swimsuit. But you can try on different light colors to emphasize your perfectly tanned body.


3. Prints. Yes, we all love printed clothing. And, finally, printed bikinis are officially in trend now! Don’t be afraid to choose the most playful and bright patterns. Floral, geometric, graffiti or psychedelic – a huge number of styles are available this season.


4. Midi Beach Bandeau. This must-have model will give you an extremely original beach look. The mini-details like crisscross straps on the front and straight straps on the sides make the top super eye-catching. Bra pads deliver great comfort and support. Choose from a large variety of bottoms that fit this top and grab all the attention on the beach.


5. Boho Fringe. Not really new but super trendy western-inspired bikini style that is worth adding to your look-book or wardrobe. This item has no straps but it supports breasts perfectly with the help of side boning. Pick a fringe bottom that fits your top and shake it up on the beach!


6. What about one-piece swimsuits? If you’re a fan of these, there are a few ideas you can borrow from Victoria’s Secret Swim Special. For those girls, who like really unique style clothing, Fringe Monokini will be the answer. You can choose a stylish macramé decorated monokini with bra pads if necessary, and rock the beach!


7. Crossover Halter One-piece swimsuit. For the girls who want to shape and smooth their curves, we recommend this one. Molded push-up padding provides the best support and attractive look. With this luxurious looking piece you will feel super confident and stylish at the same time.


8. In conclusion, it’s very important to remember that we shouldn’t try to save on clothing, especially on swimsuits. You want to have fun and relax on the beach, right? Make sure the swimsuit you’ve chosen isn’t too big or small and looks perfect on you. Now grab your friends and go shopping!

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