Summer Beach Essentials

As long as the fashion changes from season to season that’s how the beachwear styles changes. Every summer season there are many beachwear trends which everybody follow up. In this article we will present you the top ten essentials for the beachwear 2017.

1. Over Sized Beach Shirt


Over sized shirts look alike dresses. Modern and chic in every color but the best pick is the denim one. They are classy and stylish and would be a perfect pick for the beach. Be the best dressed at the beach by choosing this outfit. White and pink over sized shirts are also best sellers for the beach style. Combine them with big beach bags and flipflops.

2. Hat in Any Color

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Hats were really popular this winter. The 80’s spirit is back this last year so when you will visit your favorite beach this summer a nice summer hat is must. This summer hats will bring grace into your beach outfit and from the other side it will be a protection for you head, so far you will kill two birds with one stone.

3. Bag With Neon Details


Neon is always in when summer is upon us. All of the stores are full with neon clothes and accessorize. So far for this summer season take your neon colored things with you. A nice big size bag with neon details would be perfect pick for your beach outfit, especially if the your beach outfit is one colored.

4. Beach Picnic Scarf


Colorful scarf is such a must have for this season. This lovely scarfs are so stylish and their design is so interesting. The aqua colors or the pink ones are the most wanted. They are easy to be used as a picnic blankets or as a clothing scarf. From one hand multi useful and from another super cool and stylish. Be the beach fashion queen by choosing the best colorful scarf like the one from the photo above.

5. Surfboard or Paddle Board


If you are visiting a beach where you can surf or you chose a beach which has super calm water and you can use a paddle board then do this sports with style. If you are a fan of this sports then make sure that you have the coolest surfboard or paddle board. You can either buy or DIY your board. Use your inspiration and your art skills and DIY your best ever board and be the attraction at the beach.

6. Water Bottle


When you are at the beach beside cocktails and juices you will need water. Buy a water bottle so you could have your water cooler. If you cant find a nice cool water bottle then DIY your own. Use your imagination your art skills , take some markers in your hands and paint your amazing and super cool water bottle. The one on the photo above might be your inspiration for your water bottle.

7. Sunglasses


When the sun rise up probably the thing which is the most needed are the sunglasses. Try to find nice and chic and super cool sunglasses so you could be the coolest at the beach. Finnish your outfit with a pair of stylish sunglasses like on the photo above. Find some nice flash mirror glasses in a intense color so you could have better outfit.

8. Book


Take a nice book with you so while you will be bored at the beach you will have what to do. Most probably you will not be bored at the beach but if you are a books lover then the beach is more likely your favorite spot for reading a nice book.  Enjoy the beautiful sea sights while you are reading your lovely book.

9. Cool Float


Cool water floats are so famous this summer. Always present at the classy parties you can notice them in many figures, Pegasus like on the photo above, flamingo, watermelon or maybe a donut. So famous they are must for a fancy beach time. You can find this fancy floats online.

10. Colorful Maxi Dress


Summer is created for the happy beach moment. To bring much happiness in your outfit you should first bring a bit color into your beach outfit. The lovely long colorful dresses are perfect pick for the beach wear. Colorful with a nice design they are a total pick for the beach. Be the best dressed at the beach by choosing the most beautiful beachwear dress.

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