Stylish DIY Earrings

1 Fashionable Feather Earrings


Fashionable Feather Earrings: Make these cute and fashionable DIY Feather Earrings, this simple DIY tutorial with step by step instructions and photos will show you how. (via TiB)

2 Patinaed Filigree Earrings


Patinaed Filigree Earrings: If your still looking for an quick and easy Mothers Day gift idea this is for you! For only a couple bucks and a little time and youve got a great jewelry gift for that super stylish Mom who loves accessories! Today Im sharing with you how to make these Patinaed Filigree Earrings. Read More (via The Crafted Sparrow)

3 Colorblock Earrings


Colorblock Earrings (via Delighted Momma)

4 Glitter Hex Nut Earrings


Glitter Hex Nut Earrings (via Cafe Craftea)

5 Front Back Dinosaur Studs


Front Back Dinosaur Studs (via Something Monumental)

6 Zebra Earrings


Zebra Earrings (via Pitter & Glink)

7 Leather Earrings


Leather Earrings: One month to Valentine’s Day. Whaaaaat?! I am starting my annual DIY Valentine series with these leather heart earrings I made with scraps of leather and Gilder’s Paste my craft fairy sent me (that… (via Mother Crafter)

8 Painted Wooden Earrings


Painted Wooden Earrings (via It Happens in a Blink)

9 Dangle Shell Earrings


Dangle Shell Earrings: You all know that one of my favorite colors this season is coral! But, a close second is royal blue. Its so deep and gorgeous, and will transition really well into summer too with its nautical feel. I have a few favorite blue pieces in my spring and summer wardrobe, but I didn’t have a (via One Artsy Mama)

10 Cluster Earrings


Cluster Earrings: This may be the quickest project ever – a pair of cluster bead earrings! (via One Dog Woof)

11 Lace Earrings


Lace Earrings (via The Cupcake Diary)

12 Confetti Earrings


Confetti Earrings (via evie s)

13 Sweet & Simple Earrings


Sweet & Simple Earrings: Do you need a beautiful, but easy pair of DIY earrings? We’ve got a quick, inexpensive pair of DIY earrings that are sure to hit the mark. Read more! (via The Sits Girls)

14 Recycled Bottle Earrings


Recycled Bottle Earrings (via Stepping thru Crazy)

15 Tassel Earrings


Tassel Earrings: Make these fashionable and on trend DIY tassel earrings with this simple and easy to follow step by step tutorial with photos. (via TiB)

16 Hue Pyramid Earrings


Hue Pyramid Earrings: These Anthropologie Hue Pyramid earrings are the reason I made paper beads in the first place. They were so fab that they motivated me to learn the bead-making skill.They’re definitely bold statement earrings, and I sometimes feel a little conspicuous like “hey! everyone! I’m wearing really (via Mad Mim)

17 Friendship Earrings


Friendship Earrings: As promised yesterday, here is a tutorial to make some friendship earrings inspired by frieda & nellie, they are super simple to make and won’t take you long at all. I think they are actually fas… (via Kristiina Anderson)

18 Crochet Earrings


Crochet Earrings: In looking though magazines and around the Internet I keep seeing cute earrings that looked like they had been crocheted. And, as we all do from time to time, I thought I can totally make that! I also thought it could be a great way to use some outdated hoop earrings I had laying around. (via Seven Alive)

19 Peacock Earrings


Peacock Earrings (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

20 Antique Brass Dangle Earrings


Antique Brass Dangle Earrings: Who else here is ready to put away the sweaters and start wearing some spring fashions? Its still too frigid around here to pull out my sandals and short sleeves, but Ive noticed in the style magazines that statement earrings are going to be popular this season, so I thought Id make myself a pair. (via One Artsy Mama)

21 Washi Tape Earrings


Washi Tape Earrings (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

22 Nautical Earrings


Nautical Earrings: Happy Fourth of July! Lets welcome back Erin from Thanks, I Made It for a patriotic feeling DIY we can wear all-year long! Hey TAGG-ers! Happy Fourth of July! With the season … Read More (via The Average Girl’s Guide)

23 Chandelier Earrings


Chandelier Earrings: Blog post at Happy Hour Projects : It hardly seems fair to call this one a ‘tutorial’, because it’s SO easy, and fairly self-explanatory. But now that spring is (nearly) her[..] (via Happy Hour Projects)

24 Marble Jade Earrings


Marble Jade Earrings: Hi, guys! It’s Mandi here to share a simple and classic DIY jewelry project. I’ve long dreamed of building a collection of jade glassware for my dining room, but in the meantime I thought I’d add some of that glorious green to my simple jewelry collection. I’m pretty much strictly a pendant necklace gal anything else seems a bit too fussy for me. But I’ve been getting tired of wearing the… (via A Beautiful Mess)

25 Faux Druzy Earrings


Faux Druzy Earrings: Replicate the popular look of druzy stud earrings with this easy tutorial for DIY druzy earrings! Great pictures and easy instructions. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

26 Marc By Marc Jacobs Inspired Faceted Earrings


Marc By Marc Jacobs Inspired Faceted Earrings (via Dismount Creative)

27 Flower Earrings


Flower Earrings: Yes, that is what they call it. They, meaning Anthropologie. I love perusing Anthros jewelry. I love funky jeweled items that become conversation pieces when I am wearing them…. (via Infarrantly Creative)

28 Fabric Button Earrings


Fabric Button Earrings: As if I needed more earrings after making 19 bazillion pairs of these beauties, I decided to make fabric button earrings!! I just love being able to customize pieces so they are exactly what I want! Fabric Cover Button Kit Hot Glue Gun Earring (via Casa de Lewis)

29 Anthro Knock-Off Earrings


Anthro Knock-Off Earrings (via My Girlish Whims)

30 Prada Rose Earrings


Prada Rose Earrings: We’re stopping to smell the roses with this week’s reader requested DIY. Prada’s spring jewelry collection, comprising of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings featuring large resin flowers and crystals, is flawlessly retro and delightfully feminine.With the abundance of assorted resin (via Honestly WTF)

31 Dangly Gem Earrings


Dangly Gem Earrings: Dangly earrings are an easy upgrade to glamorize any outfit. DIY your own jeweled drop earrings using sew-on gems in colors that capture the oceanic and pastel trends of the season. Tools and Materials: E6000 Crafting wire Earring post backs Pliers and wire clippers Scissors Octagonal sew-on jewels in jade green, smoked blue, and amethyst Choose (via M&J Blog)

32 Paperclips + String Earrings


Paperclips + String Earrings (via evie s)

33 Tassel Knot Chain Earrings


Tassel Knot Chain Earrings: Ok so full disclosure: This post was inspired by an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes I’m a fan of entire Bravo TV Housewives franchise. I watch all of them, except Orange County. Don’t judge me! Anyhow, I was watching last weeks episode of RHOATL when these earrings on the lobes of Ms. (via Miss Kris)

34 Feather Earrings


Feather Earrings (via The Coveted)

35 Monkey Fist Knot Earrings


Monkey Fist Knot Earrings: With Christmas fast approaching here’s hoping you have mostly women to make for… right, in a perfect world. Fear (k)not (ha ha ha…) tomorrow we’re making one for the boys. We’ll be using this Monkey Knot technique so pay attention! 1. Using dyes or watered down acrylic paints, dye metre long lengths of yarn in (via Fall For DIY)

36 Glittery Thunderbolt Earrings


Glittery Thunderbolt Earrings: Most of us grown-up girls fondly remember the Easy Bake Oven–whether we had one ourselves or coveted a friend’s. But me? I have the best memories of the Easy To Do Oven. I even still get the commercial jingle stuck in my head! “I love what I can do, with Easy To Do, Easy to Do-ooo!” Please tell me another early 90s child remembers this. Anyway, The Easy To Do… (via A Beautiful Mess)

37 Clay Heart Earrings


Clay Heart Earrings: Making a batch of diy clay heart earrings only takes one hour! Simple & fun project for any skill level. (via The Crafted Life)

38 Nail Polish Colored Earrings


Nail Polish Colored Earrings (via My Garden Cherries)

39 Love Heart Earrings


Love Heart Earrings (via Hobzy)

40 Copper Bar Earrings


Copper Bar Earrings: i loooove those modern bar earrings i feel like i’m seeing everywhere lately — so decided to make my own using some super tiny copper pipe i’ve had sitting around for a while. just like last week,… (via Almost Makes Perfect)

41 Bow Stud Earrings


Bow Stud Earrings (via Small Good Things)

42 Dot Stud Earrings


Dot Stud Earrings: I saw these little beauties floating around on pinterest and of course being smitten by all things Kate Spade I wanted to own them. My frugal and creative wheels starting turning (can never turn that off unfortunately) and a simple and easy DIY was born Supplies: Wood Furniture Buttons ($1.47 for a pack of 30!) (via In Honor of Design)

43 Shrink Plastic Cat Earrings


Shrink Plastic Cat Earrings: Since I had so much fun making shrink plastic studs the last time, the next logical progression in this craft was to make some… (via The Pink Samurai)

44 Faux Geode Studs


Faux Geode Studs (via Adventures in Fashion)

45 Hexi Earrings


Hexi Earrings (via Crafted)

46 Two-tone Chevron Stud Earrings


Two-tone Chevron Stud Earrings (via Baisley & Noir)

47 Knot Stud Earrings


Knot Stud Earrings: All you need is jewelry wire and a pair of pliers to make these gorgeous knot stud earrings. No wire working skills needed. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

48 Mise en Dior Stud Earrings


Mise en Dior Stud Earrings (via Hello, Whimsy)

49 Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Earrings


Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Earrings: Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to express their huge appetite for life (and Italy) with their Spring 2012 Collection. Dresses printed with eggplants, tomatoes and hot peppers sauntered down the runway, Sophia Loren was heard singing the ever-so-clich (via Honestly WTF)

50 Block Beaded Earrings


Block Beaded Earrings: Today I’m sharing coral and purple color block beaded earrings. (via Happy Go Lucky)

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