Sophia Culpo: The Ultimate Trampoline Dream in a Bikini

Meet Sophia Culpo, the stunning sister of NFL WAG Olivia Culpo, and it’s evident that good genes run strong in their family.

She, too, found herself amidst a sports-related scandal as an NFL WAG while dating Braxton Berrios of the Miami Dolphins, who unfortunately followed the cliché path of some high-paid athletes and cheated on her with social media sensation Alix Earle, who seems to have a lot of hype.

After the story went public, Sophia called out the whole situation, but instead of receiving support, Alix Earle’s fans turned against her, labeling her as jealous. But let’s not forget that Sophia is the true victim here.

I, for one, am on Team Sophia, not just because I root for the underdog, but also because I find Alix Earle’s hype to be quite nonsensical. So, let’s show our support for Sophia by admiring her bikini pics on the trampoline.

While she may not be jumping in slow motion like she did on Kimmel before things got a bit peculiar, we can still enjoy her captivating shots!

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