Sophia Culpo Experiences Wardrobe Slip-Up at Olivia’s Hen Party

As many are aware, Olivia Culpo celebrated her bachelorette party last weekend. We’ve covered it a few times, highlighting the content shared by Olivia, Brooks Nader, and Aurora Culpo from the event.

It wasn’t our intention to overlook Sophia; there are only so many hours in a day. However, we must admit, Sophia is our preferred Culpo – we are firmly #TeamSophia.

Earlier this year, Sophia faced personal challenges when her then-boyfriend Braxton Berrios of the Dolphins was unfaithful with Alix Earle, a highly talked-about influencer.

Now, Sophia is making headlines again due to a wardrobe incident at the party. Her dress gave way while she was energetically twerking. While it may not be the kind of wardrobe malfunction that typically grabs our attention, it certainly added to the event’s excitement!

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