Soccer Player Gabriella Howell Responds To Trolls

Sutton United soccer player Gabriella Howell revealed recently that she receives a lot of sexist comments from online trolls.  The morons appear to not be able to grasp the fact that she can be good at soccer and hot at the same time.

Howell shared some of the comments along with her response to the dumb comments from the trolls, “You can be both – you can play football and like wearing high heels.”

From The Mirror:

Someone commented: “Gabby how come you’re out of the kitchen?”

Another said: “Always s***! It’s a woman trying to play a man’s sport.”

One even said: “That’s the trouble with women’s football, I think players are picked on looks rather than talent.”

Gabby also has to put up with men saying women “can’t compete” with men.

As well as the sexist comments, she also receives derogatory messages on Instagram from men who don’t take her seriously.

“Men will say they’re horny underneath my photos of me playing football – and if I tag my club in the post it’s embarrassing,” she said.

Gabby thinks one of the reasons she’s targeted is because she plays football but also likes to dress up, wear make up and go out at the weekend.

“You can be both – you can play football and like wearing high heels,” she said.

I couldn’t agree more with Howell.  She can do both.  Anyone who can’t wrap their mind around that or comments on her pictures that they’re horny really need to come out of their mom’s basement and interact with real people.  Just try to be normal.

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