Thursday , 18 October 2018

Simple Nail Art Ideas

1. Paint over a loofah for this cool two-toned look.


Image via Buzzfeed

It’s time the loofah does more than just wash your body. Now it can be used as a tool to create beautiful nail art designs. All you have to do is put the loofah over your nails, paint over it, remove the loofah, and clean. For complete instructions, click here.

2. For DIY dots, use a bobby pin.


Image via Buzzfeed

If you’re in the mood for dots, use a bobby pin to create dots in different sizes.

3. Season Of LOVE


via DIY Worthy

Express your LOVE for someone through nail art! Get the tutorial for the design above here.

4. Elegant nails for your wedding? Use that extra piece of lace.


Image via Pinterest

This lace DIY nail art design is perfect for the big day! Immaculate, yet simple. Just wrap your nail with a piece of lace, apply a coat of nail polish, and remove the lace.

5. For cute shapes, use Scotch Tape.


via Birchbox Blog

For geometric nail designs like stripes, triangles or zig-zags, use Scotch Tape. With tape, you can create clean, detailed designs. Get the detailed instructions here.

6. Use a fan brush to make feathered strokes.


via Instagram

Paint over your dry base coat with a fan brush dipped in nail polish. Get detailed instructions here.

7. Dots can go a long way!


via All Womens Talk

If you’ve already tried the idea above, try this one next: strategically-placed dots placed at the base of your nails.

8. Or a few strategically-placed dots.


All Womens Talk

If you’ve already tried the idea above, try this one next: strategically-placed dots placed at the base of your nails.

9. Create the perfect French tip with tape.


via Diply

Creating the perfect French tip can be difficult, especially for us lazy girls. But don’t give up yet! Instead of letting it get the best of you, place a thin strip of tape on the end of your nail and DOMINATE this look.

10. Reverse French manicure


via Diply

Once you’ve perfected the classic French tip, try reversing it to master this look. Take binder reinforcement stickers to the base of your nails, paint, and revel in the beauty of this simple nail art idea.

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