Why Your Shoes Have Extra Holes At The Top (Video)

Did you notice the extra shoelace holes on your sports or running shoes without lace on when you buy the shoes, and wonder what are they for?

I never got any idea what exactly they are for and left them there unused until now. Just for that reason , a company that sells LED accessories for runners and cyclists has explained the reason and the brilliant purpose of those extra holes.

If you’re someone who gets blisters on their heels, or your feet move around a lot in your shoes there is a pretty simple fix!

Those little shoelace holes at the top of the shoe is there to help. If you take your laces and pull them through those holes it will lock the shoe into place giving you a better and more secure fit. Awesome, right?

Here is the video on How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With a “Heel Lock” or “Lace Lock”

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