Shaq Lawson Is Exposed For Trying To Make Pornstar Teanna Trump A GF By Sliding Into Her DMs

Porn Star Teanna Trump “accidentally” exposed Texans defensive end Shaq Lawson for sliding into her DMs. She claims Instagram somehow posted a screenshot of Lawson saying he wanted her to be his girlfriend to her story.

It’s an excuse nobody is buying and one that’s completely unnecessary.  I don’t blame Teanna for wanting to have a little fun by exposing Lawson.

I don’t blame Lawson for shooting his shot either.  Sometimes you get a little too thirsty in the DMs and the drink gets spilled all over your lap.

Sometimes you slide into the DMs and everything works out.  I mean this isn’t the first time Teanna has crossed over into the sports world.

The last time she did so was in a video that allegedly showed her hooking up with Antonio Brown.  If I had to guess I would say that probably came together in the DMs.

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