Say YES to the Prints (print outfits) This Summer


Summer is here and it’s the best time to ditch the dark colored pieces in your wardrobe! Striking and eye-catching prints are always a win-win in the hot summer season. Print fashion pieces always grab extra attention and lift the mood. Patterned dresses, tops, shirts, leggings, sneakers or even tops – each of these items can work wonders for you, if you match them with the right accessories, other clothes and shoes. So, get ready to grab your friends and go shopping for trendy prints!


1) Super cute flower prints. What can be more girly? If you’re not sure what to wear this hot summer day, grab a light blossom dress, jeans coat, a few minimal accessories and neutral sandals or white Converse. This outfit idea never fails. Plus, it will make you look more feminine.


2) Funny and original prints. As long as print outfits are trendy now, you can find really original items in stores. Do you like bananas? There’s a nice banana print skirt you can find on Polyvore. Same for cat and dog lovers prints and a lot more!


3) Print trousers. Welcome the #1 trend this year! Are you tired of those boring skinny jeans and classic style pants? Choose stunning print trousers instead. Even though most of them fit casual style, some of them you can wear to work. When buying print trousers, try to choose more fluid fabrics. Also, pay attention to patterns: if you have a curvy figure, it is better to choose more subtle prints with horizontal stripes or small polka dots, so your trousers won’t make you look bigger.


4) Once you get your printed pants, they’ll become your favorite pair. Loose, comfy, but so unique-looking! So, how to wear them right? For a casual look wear flats or flat sandals, choose the brightest tank top you have, add some statement accessories. Try wearing your print trousers with a white crop top, heeled sandals and a small bag – this outfit works just perfect! Why not to wear print pants to the office? Combine them with a subtle blouse, high-heels and minimum jewelry. You’ll still look professional.


5) Same with printed skirts: combine them with crop tops and strappy sandals or choose a discreet blouse and sophisticated shoes. Make your outfit look tougher: combine your print skirt with a leather jacket and boots or Converse.


6) Shoes. Printed shoes are always adorable! If you like wearing sandals, try on a flower printed pair in combination a maxi dress or plain skater skirt and crop top. Print sneakers are a must-have for any girl this year: from cosmic patterns to punkrose leopard style. Rock a pair with your favorite plain dress and bright jewelry and get all the attention!


7) Print blouses and tops. Do not hesitate to go shopping for some new printed tops. For a super chic look, pair your print top with plain tailored trousers and finish the look with your fave heels. This work-appropriate look can easily be transformed into a night out look, if you add some shiny accessories and daring make-up.


8) Printed swimsuits. Time to look gorgeous on the beach this summer! Popular clothing stores offer really beautiful pieces, and whether you’re into floral patterns, polka dot, animals or stripes, you can find the best swimsuit for you, or even mix part of different swimsuits and create a really unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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