Rita Ora And Taika Waititi MARRIED?

The director of Thor was spotted wearing a wedding band on Friday, fueling rumors that Rita Ora and Taika Waititi are engaged.

Rita’s sister Elena posted a photo of Taika, 46, wearing the gold jewelry on his left finger while sipping a drink outside in the sunshine.

Rita, 31, shared the identical image on Instagram at the same time but cleverly captioned it to hide Taika’s hand.

Married man? After the director of Thor was spotted on Friday wearing a wedding band, Rita Ora and Taika Waititi have increased rumors that they are married.

The British singer and the New Zealand filmmaker were rumored to be organizing a quick, low-key wedding abroad before joining other A-listers for a lavish party in London later this year.

Rita’s sister Elena posted a photo of Taika, 46, enjoying a drink outside in the sunshine while wearing the gold jewelry on his left finger.

It is believed that Rita and Taika will get married after their work responsibilities are over. Rita is now working on multiple projects and The Voice Australia, and Taika is preparing a number of films.

his isn’t about them pulling off a huge spectacular thing and bragging about it beforehand, a pal told The Sun. It simply comes down to them being in love and agreeing that now is the perfect time to formally bind their union. They are ecstatic beyond words.

They did not ask the big “Will you marry me?” question and publish on Instagram.

Rita, 31, also shared the same photo on Instagram, but she cleverly captioned it by omitting Taika’s hand.

There is no ring or significant build-up, As they continued to get closer, they eventually almost simultaneously declared, “I want to marry you.”

The couple, who met in Australia and started dating in March 2021, was reportedly talking about getting married in August, according to a source who spoke to New Idea.

The informant claimed that Taika frequently refers to Rita as “wifey” and talks about how he’ll be her first and last husband.

They went on to say that Rita is “totally fascinated” with her boyfriend, director of the movie Thor, and that “everyone around them downplays it as playful banter, but [Rita] is certainly hoping he’s for genuine.”

Rita reportedly began making jokes at the time about getting married in a “quick, hippy-dippy” Californian wedding and then throwing a bigger reception afterwards.

Taika previously wed the movie producer Chelsea Winstanley, but it’s thought that they discreetly divorced in 2018.

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