Pigtail Braids You Can Try

Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite pigtail hairstyles!


1. Short Pigtail Braids


This stylish look has short braids with long tails, giving it a more grown up look with a mature feel. And the bangs look pretty side swept and pinned to one side. Make your way over to The Shine Project to check out this and two other great pigtail ideas.

2. Pigtail Buns


This fun style has a bit of a bohemian vibe, with its laid back look and messy sophistication. Simply gather hair into pigtails and loop into messy twists. Make your way over to Andrea Clare’s website to check out more photos and an in-depth tutorial.

3. Iggy Azalea Braids


These eye-catching pigtails were inspired by singer Iggy Azalea’s famous look. They are actually reverse French braids, but they look extra awesome because the model’s hair is so long. Try extensions if yours isn’t! Check out the how-to video at Gina Michele.

4. Double Top Knots


This playful style has a bit of a cartoon appeal, and it’s easy to achieve too. Just divide your hair in half and twist each half into a high chignon. Leave the tails loose for a more relaxed look. Head over to Cara Loren’s website to read more about this style.

5. French Braid Pigtails


This pretty look was found over on Instagram, and it is an easy one! If you know how to French braid, then you know how to do this. Create braid pigtails, but stop at your neck and leave the rest of your hair in two loose ponytails. Check out the original post here.

6. Ribbon Pigtails


This colorful pigtail look is achieved by wrapping ribbon through each braid. This is a great way to add some pizzazz to your outfit or to show your team spirit. Head over to Seventeen to find out how to get this fun look on your own hair.

7. No Part Pigtails


This pretty style is a twist on the classic, with a different type of part and some bright red dye to add some color. The key to this one is to hide the part by pulling hair from one side across to the other. Head over to Hair Romance to check out the tutorial.

8. Oversized Pigtail Braids


These larger-than-life braids will be showstoppers, should you dare try them! These are actually reverse French braids as well, but the key here is to loosen each braid section afterward with your fingers. Check out the full tutorial over at Kassinka’s blog. 

9. Fishtail Braids


Fishtail braids are a fun variation on the original, lending a fairy tale-like vibe to any look. And although they look difficult to achieve, they are really quite simple. Head over to StyleCaster to check out this and tons of other summer hairstyles.

10. Criss Cross Braids


This style is more complex, so you’re sure to get some oohs and ahhs when you go out on the town. The technique isn’t all that difficult, but you will need some extra time. Check out the tutorial along with some helpful tips over at Hair Romance.

11. Embellished Braids


This hairstyle is not for the faint of heart – it will take you a long time to do – but what an incredible look it is! This one involves both large and small braids, and faux pearls strung through the smaller ones. Found over at The Viking Queen’s Instagram.

12. Tiny Pigtails


Here’s a different look for those of you who may have short or thin hair. These tiny pigtails look adorable up on top of the head, twisted into mini buns. Make your way over to Whippy Cake to check out the video tutorial and some tips and tricks.

13. Pastel Pigtails


These whimsical top knots look great in this blondish purple hair, but of course they would work with any color. The key here is to side sweep your bangs and finish with some serious hairspray. Make your way over to Gothic Life to check it out.

14. Fabric Braids


This pretty look involves long strips of fabric that are woven through the braids, also acting as a headband. All you’ll need to do is substitute the fabric for one piece of the braid on each side. Head over to Hair Romance to read more about this look.

15. Fishtail Pigtails


These fishtail braids are situated on the back of the head, giving the style a different look than other fishtail pigtail styles. Consider adding temporary extensions if your hair is short! Head over to Yet Another Beauty Site on Instagram to check it out.

16. Bridget Bardot Pigtails


This elegant look was made famous by Bridget Bardot. The most important element of this one is large waves. Give your hair lots of volume with side swept bangs and then use brightly colored ribbons to separate it into pigtails. Check it out over here.

17. Pin Curl Pigtails


This retro look involves lots of little pin curls on top and then short pigtails on the sides. And don’t forget to add a wispy headband to accentuate the curls! Make your way over to Va Va Voom Vintage to check out the tutorial for this fun style.

18. Edgy Pigtails


And now onto a completely different type of look. This edgy style involves three pigtails, braided using the reverse French braid technique. And a few strands are left out on the underside for texture. Head over to EmilyRoseShannon on Instagram to see it.

19. Voluminous Two-Tone Tails


There’s nothing subtle about this unique look. It involves quite a bit of teasing and hairspray to get that amount of volume in your hair. And the half and half dye job lends extra interest to the already funky style. Make your way over here to check it out.

20. Wavy Pigtails


This look has an “undone” sort of feel, as if you’ve just gotten out of bed and tossed your hair into pigtails. It involves more effort than that though, of course! Blow dry your hair with tons of volume and use a large barreled curling iron to create the waves. See it here.

21. Bandana and Hair Ties


This contrasting black and blond hairdo has a very structured feel to it, with hair ties creating distinct sections in each pigtail. And a black and white bandana tops it off! Head over to Biker Or Not to check out this and other fun hairstyle ideas.

22. Fishtail Twists


This style looks like it would be a snap to do, thanks to its inherently messy look. Begin with two fishtail braids and then twist them into two little buns on either side of your head. Pin them in place and finish with hairspray. Check it out right here.

23. Casual Twists


This lovely look works well with very long hair, so you can make long twists that hang down your back. Start the twists up on top of your head, working your way down – and leave some wavy pieces out to frame your face. See this and many others here.

24. Crimped Pigtails


This unique style has more of a runway look, but it could certainly be adapted for everyday life. Use a crimper to get as much frizzy volume in your hair as you can, and then collect your hair into two pigtails on the very top of your head. Found at The Beauty Insiders.

25. Spiral French Braids


And last but certainly not least, this epic hairstyle is made by creating French braids in a spiral shape. If you have some serious hair styling experience, give it a try! You’ll just need some patience and a lot of hair. Check it out over on Tumblr. 

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