Perfect Tightline Eyeliner Tutorials

Tightline eyeliner is an under-rated beauty trend that involves lining the upper rim of your eye with eyeliner. Tightlining your eyeliner works wonders to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes appear longer and thicker.


If you’re not sure how to pull off this trick successfully, keep reading to learn seven tips for perfect tightline eyeliner.

1. Don’t Overdo It


When you tightline your eyeliner, avoid applying eyeliner where you would normally put it. This double-lined look generally looks too overdone and messy.

2. Use the Right Liner


You should always use a kohl eyeliner when tightlining your eyeliner. Kohl eyeliner is designed specifically to apply smoothly and stay put in a moist area like the upper rim of your eye. Kohl pencil liners work best for tightlining; trying to use gel or liquid formulas in this area usually doesn’t works out well.

3. Know Where to Line


You know by now that tightlining your eyeliner means lining the upper rim of your eye with eyeliner. However, the region you should line is more specific than that. When tightlining your eyeliner, run your pencil along the upper rim of your eye from the outer edge of your eye to your tear duct.

Also, gently press the pencil into the spaces between your lashes to line these areas as well in order to prevent any blank spots in your lash line.

4. Try Your Bottom Lash Line


If you want to dramatize the effect of your tightline eyeliner, you can line your bottom lash line as well as the upper rim of your eye. Start from the outer corner of your eye and run the pencil along the lower rim of your eye.

Depending on your preference, you can either stop when you get to the middle of your eye or continue until you reach your tear duct.

5. Keep Your Pencil Clean


You should always make sure that you keep your eyeliner pencil clean before you apply tightline eyeliner. The rims of your eyes are much more at risk of developing an infection than other places where you normally apply makeup, so it is especially important to use clean instruments on that area.

Clean your eyeliner pencil by sharpening it a little bit every time you want to use it. This step will shave off the outer layer of the pencil that might have developed bacteria and leave it clean and sharp for you to use.

6. Curl Your Eyelashes


After you finish applying tightline eyeliner, emphasize the volumizing effect of your liner on your lashes by curling your eyelashes. Wait a minute or two after you apply the liner before you curl your lashes in order to avoid smudging your eyeliner with your lash curler.

7. Remove With a Q-Tip


Because tightline eyeliner is applied along the rims of your eyes, it can be much more difficult to remove than standard eyeliner. You should never leave residue of your liner on the rims of your eyes because that can increase your risk of eye infection or irritation.

Instead, make sure that you remove all of your tightline eyeliner by using a Q-tip soaked in a gentle eye makeup remover. Run the Q-tip along the rims of your eyes, pressing down gently, until you’ve removed all of the liner.

Tightlining your eyeliner isn’t always easy, and it can take some practice. However, that practice is well worth it considering the transformative results tightline eyeliner can have on the appearance of your eyes and eyelashes. Use the tips in this post to discover seven tips for perfect tightline eyeliner that can help you master the process in no time.

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