Your Official 2015 Strip Golden Globe Drinking Game


Sorry Monday! Get ready to wake up with a hangover!

Welcome to the 2015 award season! This year there is lots of Benedict Cumberbatch and even more Richard Linklater. But most importantly, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting and that’s pretty much the whole point of watching the Golden Globes anyway, besides judging celebrity outfits. Everything that you want to win never actually ends up winning, which is why we have created this game. There is no reason why anyone should remain sober while watching the 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

There are two ways to play, you can print out a ballot to fill out or you can just guess as the show goes on. We have created this game for couples and groups of people who enjoy playing strip poker together. However, if you wish to not strip (maybe because it’s freezing outside) all you have to do is replace all the stripping with shots. Seems easy enough right?

Without further ado, we present your guide to drinking (and stripping) your way through the Golden Globe Awards 2015.

Remove an article of clothing (and/or take a shot) when:
1. Someone mentions the Sony Hack.
2. Tina Fey (or anyone else) makes a dig at Bill Cosby.
3. Someone mentions that they didn’t prepare a speech.


Drink once when:
1. You make a wrong winner prediction.
2. Tina and Amy drink. They drink, you drink.
3. They cut to a celebrity being mocked and the person is not laughing.
4. “Meryl” is mentioned.
5. They honor Robin Williams (have some damn respect).
6. Someone thanks Harvey Weinstein.
7. Tina and Amy mention they aren’t nominated for anything.
8. Someone’s dress is super ugly.
9. NBC promotes the final season of Parks and Recreation.


Give a drink when:
1. You accurately predict the winner. If there are two of you who predicted correctly, then cheers! Community drink.
2. You feel like your S.O. (or someone in your group) is too sober.


Drink twice when:
1. There is an ironic statement about Keaton’s career being like Birdman.
2. A George Clooney joke is made (double if it’s about his age).
3. Someone cries.
4. A show or person you really love loses.


Drink three times when:
1. The music begins during someones speech (take an extra three sips if it’s uncomfortably long).
2. They introduce Greer Grammar as Miss Golden Globe.
3. Someone is obviously drunk (think Emma Thompson taking her shoes off).
4. Random actors make out with each other.


Finish your beer or glass of wine when:
1. Amy Poehler makes a racist joke involving Selma.
2. Bill Murray does something awesome.
3. They attempt to explain who the Hollywood Foreign Press is.
4. Woody Allen shows up.


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