Nicki Minaj embodies the essence of a Barbie doll!

Throughout her entire career, Nicki Minaj has consistently referred to herself as a Barbie, even giving her fans the moniker “barbz,” so it’s no surprise that she was approached to be involved in the new Barbie movie in some capacity.

In this project, the rapper was entrusted with remixing the original “Barbie Girl” song, which was originally performed by the renowned Danish band Aqua and caused them legal troubles in the past. Interestingly, this song has become just as iconic as the Barbie brand itself, leading Nicki and Ice Spice to create their own version for the movie.

Recently, the official music video for Nicki’s rendition titled “Barbie World” was released. The video showcases the rappers being magically transported into Barbie World, where they engage in exhilarating activities such as riding jet-skis through the clouds and sporting an array of vibrant pink wigs.

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