Matisse Inspired Autumn Mobile


The warm metallics and wood tones will look beautiful over your Thanksgiving table, or just hanging around the house as the season changes.




Click through for materials & instructions…

You will need: wood veneer sheets, liquid leaf, foam brush, pliers, scissors, leaf templates, and 20-gauge copper wire

Step 1: Paint the wood veneer sheets on one side with the liquid leaf. I used copper on cherry veneer, Renaissance gold on pine veneer, and gold on oak veneer.
Step 2: Using the template, cut out the leaf shapes.
Step 3: String the mobile together with wire. Start with one long piece with the largest leaf on one end. Then attach three sets of leaves above the first one, decreasing in size towards the top of the mobile. To attach the cross pieces, wind the horizontal piece around the main, vertical wire piece once and clamp tight with pliers. Then repeat with the vertical piece. It is easiest to put the mobile together when it’s hanging.





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