Maggie Lindemann: 10 Interesting Facts

Maggie Lindemann, a lovely lady from the United States, is a talented singer and songwriter.

On July 21, 1998, she was born in Dallas, Texas. This young woman has a large fan base, with over a million Instagram followers.

She also has a gorgeous face and a lovely voice. Her first Instagram post picture made her famous.

Here are ten interesting facts about Maggie Lindemann, the vocalist who sang the popular song Pretty Girl.

1. Her first single Knocking on Your Heart is one Top 20 iTunes Alternative Chart after 24 hours release

2. She is a worship vocalist when she was 4 years old 

3. In 2016, Maggie released a song Pretty girl, it got 26 on Spotify viral chart and 5 on Next Big Sound chart

4. She ever studied in J.J. Pearce High School in Ricardson before she moved to Los Angeles

5. Maggie dated Vine Star Carter Reynolds in 2014, Mike Barone in 2016 and Brennen Taylor in 2017

6. Maggie ever said that she was different from what she appear on internet. She is energetic, goffy and love to make jokes 

7. Maggie can play an electric guitar which made her different from other celebrities

8. She said that she is darker and like to be spooky. It includes they way she dress up

9. Maggie lives in religious family and goes to church every Sunday

10. She ever arrested in Malaysia for a day because she did not have immigration permission

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