Lorena Rae Hot And And Legs Photos

Here is a meeting of minds, or maybe it’s a meeting of bodies since the owners of those minds are both Victoria’s Secret models, known less for their minds and more for their bodies, so don’t blame me, they chose the model life and not the academic life ans we thank them for that.

Lorena Rae is modeling for her fellow model Devon Windsor’s swim line because as you may or may not know, the instagram brands are the biggest thing since the Home Shopping Channel. People shop on social media and they buy what their leaders or influencers that influence them tell them to shop. So eliminate the middle man and do your own thing. Some of these entrepreneurs are making millions a month in sales that they are stealing from the big players and that’s awesome, even if the big players are potentially their business partners, it has the illusion of supporting the independent and I like it.

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