Livvy Dunne Warms Up Following a Competition!

Livvy Dunne recently took part in the latest Tigers Gymnastics competition, helping propel the LSU team to the number 2 position in the national rankings thanks to their record-breaking road score in their recent outing. This marks the fifth occasion this year that they’ve surpassed a score of 198, a testament to their exceptional performance.

While I might not be well-versed in gymnastics, it’s clear that LSU is a formidable force and could very well top the national charts in the sport this year. Such an achievement would be a significant milestone for Livvy, especially in her final year, enhancing her reputation as a distinguished athlete amid the criticism she faces for her fame beyond the sporting arena.

Despite the negativity, Livvy’s success, including being the highest or second-highest earner in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights, stands as a remarkable achievement against the challenges she faces.

She was defrosting in her bikini back in Baton Rouge for some THOT content we all support and appreciate!

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