Iggy Azalea OnlyFans Content

Many fans of Iggy Azalea are expressing dissatisfaction with the content she has made available on OnlyFans, as the Australian rapper joined the platform and charges fans $25 a month for exclusive content such as videos, pictures, illustrations, music, and poetry.

Despite reportedly earning $305K in her first 24 hours on the platform, some fans are criticizing the content as not worth the cost and others are pointing out that Azalea had previously spoken out against OnlyFans. Azalea has acknowledged these criticisms and explained that her position has changed and now sees OnlyFans as a creative platform where she can debut her fourth studio album later this year.

“This what y’all paying 25 dollars a month for,” one user commented on Azalea’s latest promotion of the page.

Another wrote: “Sorry Iggy, but charging $100 for a video of you flapping your hair around is insane. Terrible…”

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