How the Pandemic is Affecting Sexual Health and Relations

The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have gravely affected every aspect of our lives- which of course includes our sexuality.

So you’re sick and tired of hearing about the coronavirus? Well, you’re not alone. Since January of 2020, one full year from today, nearly full media attention has been devoted to covid-19. The lockdowns, the severity, the possible cures, nearly every aspect of our lives have been placed under the microscope of speculation, wondering how this virus would affect our daily lives, our work lives, our economic stability. But one paper looks to find out how exactly the virus is affecting our sexuality.

A bold new perspective, a German paper looks to examine how the virus is affecting our libidos- not just our livelihood. More closely examining how companies like Secret Desire and other avenues of erotic entertainment are playing an integral part in surviving crushing new social paradigms, and come out the other end of an incredibly uncertain time.

The Lonely Life of Lockdown 

The paper reports the importance of giving a nod to sexuality and the part it plays in the overall health and wellbeing of humans- particularly during times of crisis. While the crisis has surely affected all households, of all types, in some way, those that are single households, households lead by sex workers, and ones that rely on regular socialization for sexual satisfaction (i.e. non-monogamous couples), the tale becomes a bit darker.

Not only have lockdowns stolen our ability to physically and socially interact with one another, it has brought those that thrive on casual sex to their knees. While this has reduced the inherent risks of casual or unsafe sex, it has multiplied the risk of negative emotional repercussions ten-fold. As we are, social creatures, that rely (for the most part) on physical intimacy to maintain healthy mental states. So those that regularly interact with erotic services like sensual massage or erotic body rubs, or even the companionship of escorts- have been left without physical human interaction or sexual congress for over a year.

Using an Escort Directory and Online Erotica Safely

The subsequent lockdowns have also wreaked economic havoc on sex workers, escorts, erotic massage specialists, app developers, and others that are involved in sexual retail. Including some social media proposals that even certain casual dating apps be shutdown during this time. Which could easily lead to further feelings of isolation and detrimental mental effects.

Moreover, the paper poses the query of what effect these shutdowns could reasonably have on furthering a stigma that already is too real for many people who engage in non-monogamous lifestyles. Of which affects a disproportionate number of the LGBTQI+ community as well as sex workers. Meaning that these two communities in particular stand to suffer dire consequences when it comes to the often oppressive feelings of loneliness and isolation that exist even during non-pandemic riddled times.

Which has many healthcare, mental health, and individuals begging for better options or more realistic prophylaxis against transmission, as well as better risk assessment surveys when it comes to transmission of COVID-19 and the negative impacts of being completely denied physical intimacy. To which some professionals, like those associated with the escort directory Secret Desire hope to address- as escorts try to find safer ways of engaging with clients. Such as keeping their contacts to a minimum of regularly encountered clients, requesting COVID rule outs prior to meeting, and self-isolating following a meet-up.

At Home Erotic Massage

Moreover, there has been a palpable push for technologically driven erotica and intimate entertainment- such as webcam sites, pornographic streaming services, and even video/voice chat services with escorts. Some have even began instructing erotic massage at home on line, In Chicago, body rubs have become the next best thing to intimate encounters- as some have been able to engage in these activities with friends or housemate, provided their erotic- but not necessarily romantic- nature.

These sorts of technology-mediated, but social and emotionally distanced forms of sexual expression may help to better temper our needs for physical intimacy, while still sating our sexual desires. While this is nothing close to a long-term solution, the sex industry- per usual- is finding a why to thrive, even in the face of crisis. Which could make things easier on all of us- from healthcare personnel, as transmission is mitigated, to mental health experts, as we find an outlet that is safe, to each individual, being able to find time to engage with others and feel physically and intimately cared for.

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