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Heidi Strobel was born on October 29th in the year 1978. Heidi Strobel was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, United States of America. Heidi Strobel got a Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise physiology, optional instruction and physical training from Drury University in Springfield, Mo. Heidi Strobel is presently a physical training and wellbeing instructor. Heidi Strobel is as of now chipping away at her graduate degree in physical instruction and plans to begin a second in nursing one year from now. Heidi Strobel recently filled in as a business agent for an unmentionables organization, a secretary in a specialist’s office and the administrator of a firecrackers organization. Heidi Strobel’s three most loved side interests are running, reviewing verse and keeping on move music. Heidi Strobel portrays herself as scrupulous, energetic and decided. Whenever allowed to hold political office, Heidi Strobel might want to be on the State Board of Education to better the schools and to stress the significance of wellbeing and exercise in the schools. Heidi Strobel is an individual from the National Athletic Trainer Association, the Missouri Teacher’s Association, the Missouri Association of P.E., Health, Recreation, and Dance and the Drury Teacher’s Association.

Heidi Strobel is doing this since she cherishes a test of psyche and body, and for a mind-blowing experience. In the event that she wins, Heidi Strobel will satisfy her understudy advances and purchase a vehicle. Heidi Strobel was put on the Jaburu clan. At the point when Christy Smith’s name was called, Heidi Strobel promptly understood that Jaburu was an all-female clan. The ladies did not adjust to camp life. Janet Koth was especially clumsy, being physically frail. In spite of that, The ladies won invulnerability on the grounds that Ryan Aiken and Daniel Lue unearthed the parity shaft. Jaburu won the following Reward Challenge for a fish trap. Be that as it may, the camp was as yet confused. Things transformed into confusion when a granola bar wrapper was found at camp. The wrapper was singed. Heidi Strobel felt it was uncalled for that everybody was starving while somebody had something to eat. Janet was reprimanded for the wrapper occurrence. The Tambaqui men won insusceptibility, sending the ladies to Tribal Council. Heidi voted in favor of Janet, on account of being feeble rather than the granola bar episode.

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