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Evgenia Brik was born on 3rd September in the year 1981. Evgenia Brik is a Russian performing artist. Evgenia Brik is best known for playing Kalinka in the Belgian TV series Matroesjka’s. Evgenia Vladimirovna Khirivskaya was born on September 3rd, in the year 1981 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR. Evgenia Brik was named after her fatherly granddad Yevgeny Abramovich Krein, who was at one time a popular journalist. The on-screen character took the surname Brik to pay tribute to her fatherly great grandma Sofia Brik, as a phase name. Evgenia Brik learned at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts and acquired her confirmation in the year 2004. Evgenia Brik is hitched to executive Valery Todorovsky, with whom she has a girl, Zoe, born in the year 2009.

As an actress, Evgenia Brik is also most notable for her roles in several other movies, which includes – Hipsters which had released in the year 2008, The Geographer Drank His Globe Away which had released in the year 2013 and Tiski which had released in the year 2007. Evgenia Brik converses in both Russian, which is her native language, as well as English. Together, Evgenia Brik and her husband, Russian director, scriptwriter, as well as producer Valeriy Todorovskiy, have one girl child named Zoya, who was born in the month of September during the year 2009. Zoya was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America when the little girl’s parents were over there appearing for a Russian-American film festival.

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