Happiness Truths From Love & Relationship Experts



There’s plenty to go around.

89% of experts believe that the pursuit of happiness does not make people selfish.





Money Hungry

43% of experts feel that the pursuit of money and financial success is the chief motivator for people.


96% of experts feel that celebrities are not happier than regular people.


80% of experts recommend praying, meditating or doing some other form of spiritual activity in your leisure time in order to be happy.


60% of experts believe that people can fool themselves into believing they are happy.


58% of experts would give up their favorite food forever if it meant living the rest of their lives completely happy. Only 9% would give up their romantic relationship.


60% of experts agree that people are less happy now than they were 50 years ago.


And they’re happier now! 33% of experts believe that people over the age of 60 are the happiest.


59% of experts believe that everyone in America has the opportunity to pursue their happiness.


95% of experts agree that happiness is a choice.


87% said that feeling isolated or alone in the world is one of the primary causes of unhappiness.


81% of experts selected having a good relationship with yourself as one of the most important factors in a happy life.


47% of experts said that meaningful friendships as one of the chief causes of happiness.


65% of Experts agree that men and women are about equally happy overall.


Only 9% of Experts feel that a successful career is one of the chief causes of happiness.


We all just want to be happy

45% of experts said that the pursuit of a happier life drives 91-100% of their clients to hire them.


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