Guy Gets Rejected For Prom By His Crush… So He Showed Up Kylie Jenner Instead

While her sister Kendall was busy ending global oppression with a Pepsi, Kylie Jenner answered a Hail Mary thrown out by a high school student for a prom date…

Albert Choa, a senior at Rio Americano High School, was turned down when he asked his long-time crush to accompany him to his senior prom. Choa took to social media on a whim to request a date from none other than Kylie Jenner…

Jenner, unbeknownst to Choa, had seen his request. Kylie posted a cryptic Snapchat on the evening of the prom, indicating she was on her way to a secret location.

When Jenner showed up, the entire student body melted into chaos.

Twitter user and Chao’s friend @hummbrt tweeted, “Imagine rejecting a prom date & the guy that asked you takes Kylie…”

Say what you will about the Kardashians, that’s a pretty heckin’ rad comeback.

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