Grunge Makeup Tutorial for Coachella Weekend

Step 1. Clean Up Your Face

Before you apply anything on your face, remove any impurities with a cotton pad dipped in micellar water.
Step 2. Base

For a no-makeup look, use a BB or CC cream, apply it on your face, and blend down to your neck.


Step 3

Apply a few swipes of your favorite concealer underneath your eyes and gently pat it on with your ring finger. Take any excess and apply it around the nose and eyelids to reduce redness.

The concealer used in this tutorial is em The Great Coverup Concealer.


Step 4

Dust Vidi Vici Translucent Powder under the eyes; also pat it on the lids and other oily areas of your face to reduce shine.


If you prefer glowing over matte skin, use Tatcha Japanese Beauty Papers instead.



Step 5

Fill in your eyebrows with a grayish-brown brow powder, like Anastasia Brow Wiz Powder.


Use em Arched Brow Pencil to draw and redefine the shape of your brows; sketch little dashes to mimic the brows’ hairs and use a spoolie brush to soften the marks.


Step 6

With an eyeshadow brush that has both an applicator and blender, take the applicator, load Nyx Eyeshadow Matte Camel Color on it, and apply along the outer third of your eyes to create the illusion of depth and shadow.


Load a bit of the camel color on your blender brush and buff the color along the outer third of your eye to create a hazier look; follow the natural contours of your eyes.


Step 7

Take a moss eyeshadow with a pearlescent finish — Nyx Eyeshadow Pearl Moss Green — and dab this color along the outer lash line. This will widen the shape of your eyes.


Step 8

Top off your eye makeup with Nyx Eyeshadow Metallic Denim. You can use a clean ring finger for this part; pat it on the center of the lids and use your brush to feature out the color for a smoldering finish.


Step 9

Take a dark brown eyeliner, like Pacifica Eyeliner in Fringe, and apply it under the lower lash line and outer upper lash line. This will accentuate the shape of your eyes.


Step 10

Curl your lashes. If you have naturally curly lashes, you can skip this step; if not, it’s time to pop those eyes open.


Step 11

Apply generous coats of mascara. The mascara Michelle uses is Pop Beauty Peak Performance Mascara.


Step 12

Because you’ll be using lip liner, you’re going to prep your lips beforehand. Prep with a rich, tinted lip balm like em Pillow Blush Berries.


Step 13

For cheeks, you can either contour for a sunken-in look or use a mauve blush for a light touch of color on the cheeks. If using a blush, stay away from peach and pink since they don’t complement the color palette of this look.

Lightly dab Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Make a Mauve on the cheeks and blend with your fingers.


Another way to apply cream blush is to load the color directly onto your fingertips, then quickly pat it on your cheeks.

Step 14

With a dark red or plum lip color, outline and fill in your lips. The lip liner used in this tutorial is Lord and Berry Ultimate Lip Liner.


Step 15

With a dark plum or oxblood lip color, like OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia, paint it on your lips with a lip brush. Dark lipsticks are best applied with a lip brush since it allows for even application.


Now you’re ready to rock!


A simple look with a beautiful finish — it doesn’t get any better than Michelle Phan’s makeup tutorials! Tried this look? Show us your grunge makeup with the hashtag #MTBeauty! If we like it, we’ll feature it on our site.

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