Gracie Hunt Wearing Sexy Bikini

Gracie Hunt may be the fantasy girlfriend of football fans, as she embodies the life they wish to lead. She’s not just wealthy, but the kind of wealthy that comes with owning an NFL team, even if it was inherited from her grandfather. While she may not have her share of ownership yet, being married to a team owner has its VIP perks.

Furthermore, her NFL team is the cream of the crop, making her an ideal candidate as a wife. Even the worst-ranked team in 2023, the Houston Texans, is valued at 4.7 billion dollars, according to Google, so it’s safe to say the Chiefs are worth much more.

Interestingly, Lamar Hunt, Gracie’s grandfather, only spent 25,000 dollars to start the team in the 1960s, which is a remarkable return on investment.

Gracie often spends time in their Cabo villa, as seen in the content she shares on social media. So, if you impress her with your witty DMs, you might even get to enjoy some downtime in Mexico. Otherwise, you can simply admire her bikini pictures from afar like the rest of us.

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