Amazing Updos for Bridesmaids

1. Elegant Bun

Have a bun.


Instagram / hairandmakeupbysteph

The bun is simple and always elegant. You can always add braids or twists to create a more detailed hairstyle. This is a tight and neat bun which will last all day. It has a girly yet sophisticated vibe for any bridesmaid. If you are following a classic, traditional wedding, then this will set your wedding.
2. Teased Fishtail Updo

Teasing the crown will create wonderful volume.


Instagram / maggiehancock

This hairstyle is about being messy, braids and volume. Think of it as 2 hairstyles on one – you have the fishtail braid that creates a hairband and wraps around the back and you have the messy bun. Perfect if you have long hair so you can mess around with the braid and bun.
3. Romantic Updo with Flowers

Flowers are a must at a wedding.


Instagram / ulyana.aster

Adding flowers to hair, creates a delicate and girly look and it can be part of your theme. Don’t worry too much about pinning your hair back and getting this look as the photo. As soon as you add your flowers, this will be centre stage.
4. Braids into Messy Bun

Let the braids tell the story.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

This is a gorgeous, romantic look with the braids integrating into the messy bun. This is guaranteed to make you look amazing for the photographs.
5. Faux Mohawk Updo

Trick the eyes with this style.


Instagram / kykhair

Create a faux mohawk style that gives the illusion of shorter hair. It’s fun, creative and striking. This is perfect for a boobtube or a one-shoulder dress.
6. Messy, Boho Braided Updo

Is the wedding on a beach or outside? Opt for this breathtaking updo.


Instagram / instibraid

This is the ideal boho inspired style. This rustic, messy braided style looks stunning. A luscious chaos of braids and to complete the look, clip in a hair accessory that drapes like a necklace.
7. Fishtail Updo with a Headband

Fishtails are always a winner.


Instagram / lalasupdos

Have a fishtail braid and combine it with a headband to emphasis the hairstyle. This is a fabulous style and it’s not the usual looking fishtail as it’s sideways, not long ways.
8. Side Bun Updo

Side sweep hairstyles are simple and elegant.


Instagram / clubedasnoivass

A side sweep bun works beautifully for bridesmaids. Adding a braid to your side bun will add femininity and glamour. The styles doesn’t stop there, you can incorporate flowers to match your bouquet.
9. Simple Messy & Teased Updo

This is a simple and messy style.


Instagram / marinamcavoy

It will look graceful even though it’s a messy teased updo. For us, this is a controlled messy style, which looks exquisite and chic. It has a vintage vibe so it may complement your theme too.
10. Braided Updo

Less is more.


Instagram / heidimariegarrett

This simple braided updo looks beautiful and sophisticated.
11. Fishtail Halo Braid Updo

The bride can wear a tiara and the bridesmaids can have a halo.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Create the halo with a long fishtail braid. This is one of the best styles for longer hair.
12. Big Bun Updo for Bridesmaids with Long Hair

Having long hair makes one of the best-looking bun hairstyles.


Instagram / missysueblog

You can truly create a sweet and cute bun shape that will complement this braid. You can even decorate around the bun with a hairpiece, like the photo above.
13. Side Braids into a Bun

Side braids will look divine on the photos.


Instagram / kykhair

Try to opt for a classic look like this side braids which morph into the big bun at the back. Concentrate on the side and leave the top full of volume.
14. Elegant Chignon Bun

This is simple and super-fast to create.


Facebook / Hairstyles by Mehtap

Don’t be fooled by the name, chignon is a French word meaning hair bun and they tend to be pinned rather than wrapped around. They are usually large, formal and worn low on the head. This will take no time to form and all you do is simple use a central pin and tuck it under.
15. Fishtail & French Braid Updo

Create this stunning hairdo by mixing fishtail and French braids.


Instagram / instibraid

If you have booked a hairdresser, you can ask for any creative design you wish. You might have fallen for this style, which is understandable. It’s classy, chic and tasteful. This will work so well with a backless dress.
16. Messy French Twist Updo

Messy hair updo suit all hair types and face shapes.


Instagram / hairandmakeupbysteph

For a bride choosing a hairstyle for more than one bridesmaid can get stressful and time consuming. As this is versatile, this is a good option. Nowadays, many brides are choosing a messy style updo for their bridesmaids. Sleek and neat hair was so last season, make way for the messy hair, girls.
17. Braid Wrapped High Bun

The classic ballerina bun is timeless.


Instagram / lenabogucharskaya

Add your version with this braid wrapped high bun, which looks spectacular. Loosely tied back with a wrapped around braid creates a classy and stylish hairdo. This works well with long hair as this then creates the voluminous bun.
18. Side-Swept Updo with Braids

Sweeping hair to one side forms a delicate and chic style.


Instagram / kykhair

It adds the red carpet look that’s trending everywhere. This side swept updo looks regal and gentle. Very easy to style and maintain. From the front you have a few wavy strands that hang down one side of the face and the back shows the creativeness behind it all.
19. Curly Hair Updo

Curls = volume.


Instagram / montannaraehair

Curling hair before tying it back add that extra lift and volume. There’s nothing quite like a curly hairdo that is made into a simple bun. You can see all the gentle waves all around her hair.
20. Stunning Loose Updo

Go for the stunning style.


Instagram / kykhair

This is a classic 90’s style that looks amazing in today’s world. Make sure you tease a little for that extra boost. Loosely tie back and ensure you add shine spray so when the lights hits your hair, it will look fabulous.

21. Elegant Low Bun

Low buns are on the rise…


Instagram / hairwithlinda

But not literally, as then they’d be called high-rise bun but they are big in the wedding hairstyle world! Instead of deciding to have a high-rise ballerina bun, the low bun is taking over.
22. Boho Updo with Braids and Flowers

If you’re having a vintage boho inspired wedding, check this braided updo with flowers.


Instagram / maggiehancock

This is perfect in many ways. It will suit any venue, church, barn, beach and anywhere outdoors. If this doesn’t scream wedding hair, we don’t know what does!
23. Dutch Braid Updo

As wedding trends are often changing, there’s one hairstyle that doesn’t – braids.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

This type of style has been popular for many years due to its sophistication and stylish finish. Try a Dutch braid that is slightly different to the French and fishtail braids. It looks great framing your face so no need for any hair accessories.
24. Messy Updo with a Beautiful Hairpiece

Messy hair like the photo above looks effortless and beautiful.


Instagram / ulyana.aster

With messy hair, you have no rules so if you plan on it looking slightly different, don’t worry. Just go with it. Twisting the bottom of your hair will create a border for your beautiful hairpiece.
25. Curly Hair + Loose Braids Updo

Having naturally curly hair looks pretty and classy.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

It makes this style easy to do and set the perfect style for any wedding. The loose braids will add a complex vibe that is simple to define. This works well with dark or light hair.
26. Messy High Bun with a Headband

Jazz up your messy high bun.


Instagram / heidimariegarrett

A basic high bun can look a little dull and not so attractive for a wedding. You are walking down the aisle so you need to look special. By adding a headband will set the mood. Not so dull and boring now are you bun? Make way for the interesting and stylish high-rise bun.
27. Fishtail Braid into Loose Low Bun

We know that everyone loves a loose low bun.


Instagram / missysueblog

It’s quick, easy and stylish. Put a fishtail braid in the mix and the result is amazing. The view from the sides is truly goddess like and we’re sure all the guests will agree. Most girls are fans of the classic ballerina bun and this is a looser version with a twist.
28. Classy Bun Updo

Set the bar high, with this style.


Facebook / Hairstyle by Mehtap

When the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, they will look stunning with this wow factor classy bun updo. The amount of detailing and effort that has gone into this look is superb. This is above elegant and chic, it’s on its own level.
29. Big Dutch Braid into Messy Bun

You want the messy look, here you go.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Some say, the messier, the better and on the contrary, some say you don’t want to look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge and back. Take a look at this and see if this fits your theme. You couldn’t get any messier than this style. A big Dutch braid into a messy bun. What makes this look messy is due to the fact that the braid is messy as well as the bun. To create a messy Dutch braid, start by making a tight version, then once finished, start to tug at the edges to make it loosen up. At least you don’t have to worry about when strands of hair fall out, you won’t notice!
30. Sleek, Simple & Elegant

Go back to the timeless and classic styles with this gorgeous simple hairdo.


Instagram / hairandmakeupbysteph

This is uber sleek and looks flawless. This is a fantastic style that will complement any bride and any outfit.
31. Fishtail Milkmaid Braid Updo

It’s coming up to wedding season and that means the weather will be quite warm.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

The best updo a bridesmaid can have is all off her face and neck so she doesn’t become too hot and flustered during the day. Braids are always bang on-trend and by combining two braids, the fishtail and the milkmaid braids, you are super cool and your middle name should be – Fabulous!
32. Cute Updo with a Braid

This is adorable and cute.


Instagram / melartistry

It has a sweet and innocent approach for bridesmaids for a number of years. Adding flowers will add to the innocence, especially if they are white. Take some inspiration from this updo and be sure to have your bridesmaids walk down the aisle strutting their girly and pretty style.
33. Braided Updo

If you love braids, you may as well have lots of them.


Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Braids create their own atmosphere and style. This photo paints a picture of romance, love and affection. You can never have enough braids, so don’t feel that you have OTT’d, the more, the better as this makes it a unique style for you. They are lovable, fun and look stunning. If you’re wearing a backless bridesmaid dress, it will complement your complexion and add a touch of charm.
34. Simple Chignon Updo

A simple chignon updo is easy and quick to do.


Instagram / montannaraehair

The best advice when styling a chignon would be to make sure you have lots of bobby pins. This is a neat style and should be all tucked under so no loose hairs! Hairspray will be your best friend so keep it nearby. If the bridesmaids want to let their hair down at the reception, with this style, their hair will look amazing kept in the bun or let down. They are only tucking the hair underneath and they will have the teased crown for the lift.
35. Big, Curly Twisted Updo

Go big.


Instagram / lenabogucharskaya

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