Foods That Increase Breast Size Quickly and How to Get Bigger Boobs

Many are the approaches that can be used to increase breast size quickly today. There are breast procedures, pills, and lotions millions of women use on a daily basis to see significant gains on their boobs. But unknown to most people, certain foods are deadly effective in increasing the size of the breasts quickly.

These options are ideal when you don’t want to face the knife or go for pills and lotions that might have detrimental side effects to your health. It is a natural approach that will not just help you see significant gains in your breast size, but also enhance your overall health through proper dieting. They include the following.

Foods with monosaturated fats

Breasts are made of epithelial and fat tissues. To increase the size of the breasts, it is imperative to stimulate the production of more fat cells, and this can be done through the consumption of healthy monosaturated fats. These fats will not just promote breast tissue growth, but also will enhance the metabolism rate, leading to overall good health. Best sources for monosaturated fats include eggs, coldwater fish, olive oil and coconut oil. Include these in your meals if you want to increase the size of your breast quickly.

Nuts to increase breast size

If you desire to have big breasts quickly, then you will have to fall in love with nuts. Other than being one of the best sources of healthy fats needed to stimulate the production of fat cells which make up the breasts, they are also rich in proteins and come with a horde of other benefits such as being beneficial to the heart and brain health.

Soy for breast enlargement

Soy is regarded as a superfood when it comes to increasing the size of breasts. It is rich in phytoestrogens – hormones attributed to the growth of breasts. It is also rich in isoflavones vital in fighting free radicals and cancer cells that might hamper the growth of the breasts.

Leafy green vegetables

If you don’t love greens, but you desire to increase the size of your breasts, then maybe it is time you consider your relationship with leafy green vegetables. They are rich in phytoestrogens needed to stimulate the growth of breast tissues. Vegetables such as spinach, brassicas, and alfalfa are also full of iron, calcium and natural antioxidants necessary for well-developed breasts.

Sea Foods for bigger breasts

Seafood such as shellfish, oyster, and prawns has incredible levels of manganese. Manganese is an element that boosts sex hormones which in turn promotes the expansion of the breast tissues during sexual stimulation. Incorporating see food in your diet will thus not just enhance your sex life, but also give you astonishing results as far as growing bigger boobs is concerned.


Chicken is another food worth including on the list of foods for increasing the breast size quickly. Chicken is known to enhance the production of estrogen in the body, thus helping for the effective development of not just the breast, but the entire body.

The other foods worth considering when you need your breasts to increase in size quickly include papaya, fruits, red clover, tofu, dairy products, garlic, green tea, watermelon, white wine, parsley, cucumbers, chickpeas, and beets.

How to Get Bigger Boobs

Many ladies are flat chested or have reduced breasts sizes and are interested in knowing how to get bigger boobs. There are many approaches to bigger boobs, and it is imperative to evaluate all the options keenly and choose only those that you are safe and effective. If you opt for a surgical breast enhancement procedure, then be sure to consult with your doctor and have a thorough understanding of what will be involved and the potential consequences. Don’t think like getting boobs is some kind of a gamble where you will read casino reviews and think you are good to go. With that said, here are some of the ways you can use to get bigger boobs.

Eating healthy for bigger boobs

The primary composition of breasts is fats and lobes. They are what will determine the shape as well as the size of the breasts. It implies that diet with low body fat content can jeopardize your chances of having big boobs. Therefore, as a remedy, shifting the focus of your foods may be a right approach and here are the dietary recommendations for bigger boobs-:

  • Oilseeds and nuts
  • Soy products
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Whole grain bread
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken and chicken products
  • Legumes such as green beans
  • Beverages, especially green tea, white wine, bourbon whiskey, and coffee

Exercises for bigger boobs

Breasts are located on top of pectoral muscles, and when these muscles are strengthened through various chest exercises, the boobs will naturally grow bigger. Some of the exercises recommended for bigger boobs include-:

Push-ups – both regular and modified versions such as angular push-ups and medical ball push-ups

Chest presses – preferably with dumbbells on both hands and done on a bench or over a medical ball

Rear Lateral raises – grab two dumbbells on each hand, bend your knees and upper body over your hips while maintaining your back on a flat position. Raise both upper arms towards your sides until your elbows reach the level of your shoulders. Lower them back and repeat the motion several times.

Breast massage for bigger breasts

Breast massages do not just help you get bigger boobs naturally, but also enhances the healthy growth of cells around the breasts, remove energy blocks stopping normal distribution of hormones and helps in reducing the risks of breast cancer.

One of the massage techniques used for getting bigger boobs involve the use of extra virgin olive oil. The breast is massaged with the oil in a circular motion (always avoid the nipples) every day for at least one month. Other breast massage techniques can be used, though this is the simplest and a very effective one.

Breast enlargement pills and creams

Breast enlargement pills and creams are one of the methods used by millions of women to get bigger boobs naturally and without worrying the effects of surgery. With it, all you need to do is to take pills and use creams fortified with natural ingredients formulated to increase the size of the breasts. Of all the methods discussed, it is the fastest, and the results are always permanent. It could be a nice option if you want to live your life normally without thinking about eating certain foods or doing specific exercises to get bigger breasts.

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