Friday , 20 May 2022

Fix your Messed Up Eye Shadow Within Minutes!

Have you too experience those precious moments in the morning getting wasted on making your eyes a little glamorous with a dose of eye shadow that ends up looking all mis-managed and messy? Rest assured that committing mistakes while struggling to achieve a perfectly balanced gradient out of more than one eye shadow colors is quite a day-to-day affair, taking loads of time to fix.


(Video and picutres via Wayne Goss)

Through the below YouTube video tutorial, it’s simply incredible how Wayne Goss demonstrates how you can lift the eye and correct any kind of eye shadow mistakes, that too without the need to remove it all and begin the application from scratch – performing everything on his own eyes using three shades of eye shadow, an eye crease brush, and an eye pencil.

Once you get hands on this awesome trick, fighting eye shadow troubles won’t be a big deal anymore!

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