Fabulous DIY Music Festival Fashions

1. Lace crochet side panel


Trash to Couture gives you a complete (and rather awesome) tutorial on how to transform a regular t-shirt into a Boho chic summer top by inserting a chunky crocheted lace side panel. Besides looking totally adorable, it’ll keep you nice and cool in the sun!

2. Upside down cross galaxy tee


Snap Guide combines a few trendy looks in their tutorial on how to create an awesome graphic tee that looks just like something you’d find on your favourite independent online shop. Putting the cross upside down makes it a little more unique than some and, let’s be real, who doesn’t love galaxy print?

3. Hologram crop top


Clones n’ Clowns teaches you how to use holographic vinyl to customize a simple t-shirt into an awesomely eye catching graphic crop top! You’ll sparkle your way through your day in the sun.

4. Lace back tee


Do you love the idea of customizing a top with lace but want a little more than what the previous lace side panels we listed have to offer? Check out this design by Molly Tov instead! This tutorial will help you replace the entire back of your shirt with lace for style and breeziness.

5. Gromet and laces tank


Are you looking for a custom look that’s a little edgier than sparkles and lace? How about tie up laces looped through gold or silver gromets all up the back? Trash to Couture shows you how it’s done!

6. Fringed bikini top


Goldfish Kiss suggests making easy alterations to something you already own! We love this idea for adding some cute fringe along the top edge of a bikini top so it hangs down stylishly.

7. Bikini top cut outs


Do you like the idea of customizing a bathing suit but fringe isn’t really your thing? Grab a pair of scissors and get snipping! This cute DIY cut out bikini by Goldfish Kiss is probably the easiest and quickest project on this list.

8. Twisted t-shirt dress


This little pictorial on Pinterest shows you step by step how to transform a large old t-shirt into a cute little dress with a twisted middle and a cut out back. We do love projects that upcycle!

9. From skirt to cut out dress


Do you have an old, long skirt that you love the pattern of but that you haven’t been wearing? Check out how A Pair and A Spare turned that exact thing into a cute little mini dress with a cut out and twisted bust!

10. Dip dyed, slit maxi skirt


One of our favourite easy clothing customizations is dip dying! This lets you create a subtle fade from white to bright or from colour to colour along the bottom of a maxi skirt, just like A Pair and A Spare did.

11. Flip flops to wrapped sandals


Do you want to keep your feet nice and cool but in a more stylish way than just your average flip flops? Kelly Hicks has you covered with this tutorial for DIY ankle wrap sandals!

12. Criss-crossing strappy sandals


No Other Refuge If the ankle wrapping sandal design is a little too warm for your feet on a hot day, try this criss-crossing design instead! We love how it looks keeping your toes in place, but make sure you sun screen your feet or you’ll get some funny tan lines!

13. Sandals with ankle ties


Just to make sure you have plenty of DIY shoe options that are totally unique and festival appropriate, here’s another adorable design by The Etsy Blog! We love that it’s basically a perfect combination of the two previous designs.

14. Leather arrow sandals


If you’re looking for a DIY show project that’s a little more hands on and involved, try working with leather! It’s not easy, but we believe in you! Get the instructions for this cute arrow design on The Etsy Blog.

15. Tote bag to geometric backpack


You’ll need something to carry your things in at every festival you go to, but there’s no point in letting it take away from your otherwise stylish look! Make it part of your aesthetic by transforming a regular tote into a cute like backpack, just like this one from Sincerely, Kinsey.

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