Essentials for Your First Aid Kit This Summer


Everyone looks forward to summer. Kids wait tirelessly for summer vacation and adults plan their trips for the summer. It’s a universally fun time. Avid music fans look forward to summer because that’s when most of the festivals happen. It’s a very fun time for all. However, it’s important not to forget about your health in the midst of all that fun. So to make your summer as problem free as possible, I’ve created a list of essentials for your first aid kit this summer.



It’s hot outside, and it’s very easy to get dehydrated, so please carry a bottle of water with you at all times. That way you’ll always be hydrated, and you’ll avoid spending money on overpriced cold drinks. If water is too plain for you, feel free to add a couple of slices of lemon and lime and a few mint leaves to it. This will make it more refreshing, and your bottle will look more summery and hipster-esque. It might make your handbag heavier, but it’ll be worth it. You can take out the heavy makeup bag to make it lighter. It’s useless either way, everything just melts off in the summer heat.




This is crucial if you’re going to the beach. Yes, I know some you are desperate to get your tan on as quickly as possible but don’t forget to put loads of sunscreen on. You’ll still get your suntan, but your chances of getting skin cancer will decrease exponentially. You should put sunscreen on even if you’re not going to the beach. Make it a personal rule to put sunscreen all over yourself, especially your face, every time you go outside. It’ll protect your skin and make sure you don’t get a sunburn.

Sunburn Relief


If you do get a sunburn, please make sure you have a sunburn relief spray with you. It’ll help cool down the area that was sunburned and will alleviate the pain. It’ll also be helpful in preventing your skin from peeling, which is very unattractive and also kind of icky. If you don’t have the actual spray, at least get yourself some aloe vera cream or gel. Products that contain aloe vera are very hydrating, which is exactly what your body needs. Aloe vera also helps your skin cells regenerate faster; therefore it’ll help your sunburn heal faster.

Bug Repellent



In the summer, bugs are everywhere. Everywhere. From the moment, you go outside you’re at risk of getting bit by a mosquito or some other bug, especially if you’re going somewhere outside the city. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a stroll in the park, a picnic in the forest, or a hike up a mountain, wherever you go, there are bugs. Even if you don’t go outside, they will find you. Just opening a window in the evening will guarantee that your home will transform itself into the real-life set of “A Bug’s Life”. This is why bug repellant is critical. Bug repellent comes in many forms, and you’re free to choose whichever one you want. You can buy a bug-repelling spray or one of those bracelets that protect you from bugs. If you’re staying in, there are bug repellants that you plug into your sockets. The choice is up to you.



We tend to move around more in the summer, which means there are more chances and opportunities to hurt yourself. We also tend to wear fewer clothes, which leaves more of our body unprotected and, therefore, gives us more of a chance that if you fall or bump into something it’ll leave more than just a bruise. I know I’m bound to fall, scratch myself, bump into things and get weird unexplainable little cuts and scratches all over myself in the summer. If I’m going to travel somewhere, those chances double if not triple. It’s not just me, right? Summer means there’s bound to be tons of clumsy people. Band-aids are life-savers for me and I tend to go through them quite quickly so I urge my clumsy fellow explorers to always have a pack of band-aids in their first aid kit.

Medicine In Case Of Food Poisoning


It’s hot in the summer and we find ourselves being lazy and not planning our snacks ahead. A lot of people are in a rush to go to the beach and get their tan on, but once they’re there, they remember they forgot to plan lunch. If you do plan your meals ahead make sure to take a refrigerated bag with you, so that your food doesn’t get a chance to go bad in the sun.  Food doesn’t last long in the sun and tends to go bad very quickly. If you’re gonna buy any type of food at the beach make sure to have some sort of medicine to help in case of food poisoning. Charcoal is usually very helpful in those situations, so maybe carry that around with you. You really can’t be too careful with this. It won’t cost you much to buy some over the counter medicine, but your stomach will thank you.

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