Easy Nail Art Designs

We’ve put together some cool and easy step by step nail art designs that anyone can appreciate, whether you’re a nail art newbie or a manicure master. They will properly guide you for getting ready for any informal occasions like, prom night, casuals, wedding ceremonies, annual dinner, parties or any upcoming events.


Comme Des Garcons inspired nails. This is a very simple mani and since the heart shape is not supposed to be perfect, even the most uncoordinated can do this! source


Cute and easy bow manicure. source


Simplistic Panda Nail Art, source


Gingham or Plaid nails. Nothing screams sweet southern style more than gingham, so let’s make that into a mani, shall we? source


Easter nail art inspired from Cadbury Mini Eggs. It makes me hungry just looking at them! source


Chevron Tape Manicure source


Sometimes you just want a super chic black mani. This one’s for my girls who like to live on the dark side. source


Simple Nail Art Tutorials for Beginners. source


Volleyball Nail Art Tutorial. When you have a volleyball game, get together with some of your teammates and do their nails with these super easy volleyball nails! Or if you aren’t a volleyball player, go support your friends’ with this kind of mani. source


Fishtail Manicure, source

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