Dyeing Your Armpits Bright Colors Is Now a Thing


Coming soon to a music festival near you: bright, technicolor armpits!

If you’re too scared to try the rainbow color hair trend, then you’re not out of luck. You can test it out on . . . your armpits! Yes, dying your armpits is the latest beauty “trend.” Forget turning the hair on your head into a Pantone masterpiece — turns out, painting your oxters is having a moment.

OK, so it’s not a bona fide fad. But if you google “dyeing your armpits,” there are, surprisingly, many articles and vlogs about the service, plus tons of instructions on how to do it at home, dating as far back as 2007. (Many of them include using Manic Panic.) It might not be brand-spanking-new, but it’s starting to surface heavily on Tumblr and YouTube.

Roxie Hunt, a stylist at Vain salon in Seattle, colored her client’s underarms to match her gorgeous turquoise hair. Her post of the experience has almost 32,000 shares.

It’s unclear if you have to have actual hair for this to work. (Considering Manic Panic can stain your hands and forehead, I’d assume no, although it surely won’t last as long.) But many of the tutorials were a result of real women celebrating their au naturel pit hair with a bright pop of color — an effort to stop making hairy underarms taboo for women. Alternatively, some men are celebrating their shaven, hair-free pits (almost as taboo as women with hair) with bright pits as well.

We’re all about freedom of creative expression here at POPSUGAR Beauty, so while none of us on the team has tried this out yet, we support the adventurous look. Underarms are not the sexiest part of the body, per say, so if you want to pay homage to your pits, go for it.

Now who will be the first to create a vegan, FDA-approved deodorant that colors your pits at the same time?


The Bleaching Process

Roxie Hunt bleached her client’s underarms before applying the color.


The Finished Look


Your Thoughts on Pit-iful Dye Jobs

Will you be trying this anytime soon?


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