Dove Cameron Wished for Death

Dove Cameron recently sat down with Byride magazine to discuss various topics in the entertainment and lifestyle realms, including a candid conversation about her past struggles with suicidal thoughts. In the interview, the singer opened up about feeling ‘incredibly suicidal’ at times, revealing the impact of her father’s suicide when she was just 15 years old.

Experiencing the loss of a loved one to suicide can serve as a stark reminder that the option to opt out is always present, a temptation Dove has faced herself.

“I believe it’s important to acknowledge this: There have been moments in my life when I battled intense suicidal feelings.”

Beyond the discussion of her personal struggles, the interview also presents a new series of photos captured by photographer Leeor Wild. These images showcase Dove with her long black hair, often sporting a black lip, emanating a striking Gothic aesthetic.

Read the entire interview here and see more from the shoot below!

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