DIY Cat Tent Using an Old T-Shirt


When any DIY project evokes the words “That is sooo clever” you know you are on to a winner, especially when it involves pets, in this case cats. Yes Stylish Eve fans, we have got this super-cool idea to show how you can make a brilliant cat tent for your much loved four-legged friend. It is just so simple we couldn’t really believe it, and nor will your cat. It has been tried and tested by many felines, and they seem to love it. Somehow put a cat-sized hole in anything and the curios nature of a cat will see it soon exploring what is inside. And the best things about this great project are its simplicity and recycling of the few materials needed to make it. After all, how complicated can a project get when it involves metal coat hangers, an old tee shirt, some rigid cardboard, some masking tape, a few safety pins, a pair of wire cutters and a pair of pliers? Yes, that is all you need.


We spotted this clever idea on the Instructables website and there you will find the full detailed instructions. Briefly, all you need to do is snip off the hook element of two wore coat hangers and then shape each into an arch. Create a sturdy base for the tent with cardboard and masking tape, and then pierce each corner with the wire, pushing it through an extra few inches. Using the pliers bend 1½” of the wire at 90° and repeat this at all four corners. Tape over the wire on the underside of the base at each corner to cover any jagged edges. Connect the two arcs where they cross with some masking tape to create a secure fix. Then take a tee shirt and place the frame of the tent inside, ensuring that the neck opening of the tee shirt is in the middle of the frame. Pull the sleeves to the back of the frame together with the bottom of the tee shirt; collect the loose material and pin it in place to create a taut cover for the tent. And guess what? That’s it, apart from watching your cat now have hours of fun playing in their new home.
















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