Dating – Is it Love or Sex?

The words ” I love you” can mean a hundred different things. How to Tell if It’s Real Love or Just Sex


Many of us are confused when we date with some or chatting with someone that the guy is true or not because many guys are only hungry for sex. They need only sex with their partner. Everyone needs a true love.

Basically, sexual desire is a very vital part of falling in love. It is a way of expressing love. Now a days, two people come together in a party or anywhere else just for sex, but some years ago, this would not have been accepted. In maximum relationship, sex plays an important role instead of love. Today, finding a true is very difficult for everyone.

Today, everyone if searching for guys who are interested in sex and Internet plays an important role in this. Because there are so many dating sites are available in the Internet. Internet changed everything like our cultures, love, humanity and many things.

In-fact the sexual aspect can disappear trust and love. There are major differences in the mindset of men and women in the aspects of sex and love. If you love someone and then you are doing sex, then you feel comfort and you will enjoy your relation but if you find that your partner cheats you and he/she needs your body then how you feel? Sex has a different meaning for men and women. For men, sex is a physical act but for maximum women, sex is a mental and emotional act. So, before doing sex with your partner, make sure he/she loves you not your body.

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