Damn, Look at Those Legs! 7 Celebs With The Best Limbs In The Game (Who Gets The Crown?)

1.Jennifer Lopez

celebs with, best limbs, game

J. Lo is known more for her backside, but are her legs worthy of praise

2.Naomi Campbell

She’s been a supermodel for more than two decades now. Judging from those legs, we can see why.


Rih Rih’s crazy style and antics make you pay attention, but her limbs make us take note, too.

4.Kelly Rowland

celebs with, best limbs, game

Even while she was standing next to Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child, Kelly’s toned 5’8 frame always took center stage.

5.Halle Berry

celebs with, best limbs, game

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Halle on the red carpet, but she hasn’t stopped reminding us that even in cut offs, her legs are noteworthy.

6.Angelina Jolie

celebs with, best limbs, game

Her stems may be a little slim for some people’s tastes, but a single leg managed to take center stage at the Academy Awards.

7.Tina Turner

It wouldn’t be a competition without mentioning Tina Turner, but does the singer have to give up her best legs crown to one of the younger ladies?

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