Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Romantic Side Braid

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This lovely side braid has a soft, romantic look, as it cascades down the side of the head. The thicker your hair is, the better, for this one… but you can also loosen the braid after to create the appearance of thicker hair. Head over here to check out the full tutorial.

2. No-Hair Tie Braid


Stuck without a hair tie on a hot day? It’s okay, just throw your hair in a side braid and finish by using this backcombing technique. It may not work on fine, slippery hair but it will definitely work on any hair that has some texture to it. Check out the tutorial at Camille Styles.

3. Sleek Braided Bun


If you like styling your hair so that it is half up and half down, then this fun braided bun style may be perfect for you. Simply pull your hair half up as usual, and then twist it into a sleek braided bun. Check out the whole tutorial over at Breakfast at Vogue.

4. Twisted Crown Style


This beautiful twisted style is wrapped all the way around your head, creating a gorgeous updo perfect for a special event. The key to this one is starting with wet hair, believe it or not – this makes the twist much easier to achieve. Check out the how-to over at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Faux Twist Fishtail

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Here we have a fishtail style braid, which is actually more of a twisted style. Begin by pulling a small twist of hair from each side, and secure it with small hair tie… then repeat this over and over again. Make your way over to Breakfast at Vogue to learn more about this look.

6. Simple Twisted Pony


This beautiful hairstyle is achieved by twisting and pinning curly hair. It’s much easier than it looks to accomplish, and it can actually be done on any type of hair as long as it has some length. Head over to Ma Nouvelle Mode to check out the full tutorial.

7. Faux Hawk Updo


Here we have a fun updo that resembles a mohawk, so they have cleverly labeled it a faux hawk updo. For this look, you will section off pieces of your hair and create a series of twists. Head over to Riva La Diva to find out how to achieve this look on your own long hair.

8. Top Knot


This playful style looks great on anyone with long hair, and it’s super easy to do. The key to getting this hairdo right is to reserve it for second day hair only. If you try to do it right after you blow dry it, it will be too slippery to work with. Find out all the details here.  

9. Knot and Toss


Next up, we have the “knot and toss” which is a half-up hairdo that works best on long hair. For this one, a section from the left side of your hair is wrapped around a section from the right and then draped over. Check out the full tutorial over at Pretty Plain Janes.

10. Criss Cross Braid

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This hairstyle has a super unique look that involves two braids that criss cross over one another, framing a wavy ponytail. Teasing the pony slightly adds some overall volume. Make your way over to Breakfast at Vogue to find out how to achieve this beautiful look.

11. Waterfall Braid


This small waterfall braid extends from one side of the head across the top and over to the other side (hence the name). Each time your cross another piece over, you grab a very small piece to add, similar to a french braid. Get the full tutorial at Instructables.

12. Bubble Ponytail


This fun style will surely garner many compliments, thanks to the ponytail’s super unique “bubble” shape. The key to this one is to partition the hair with elastics and then to loosen each one with your fingers. Head over to Stylishly Me to check out the tutorial.

13. Crown Braid


This pretty ‘do is a nice departure from the pony, if you’re sick of having your hair up all the time. Here, a long braid is wrapped all the way around the crown. Make your way over to Gina Michele’s website to check out her super helpful video tutorial.

14. Upside Down French Braid


This glamorous hairdo is actually a variation of the classic french braid. You begin by braiding from the bottom of the head and then ending with a puffy bun at the top. Head over to Stylishly Me to find out exactly how to recreate this look yourself.

15. Hair Bow Bun


Here we have another style that sits on top of the head, but this time it involves a fun pink bow. This blogger tried out a variety of different types of buns, and she shares her favorite techniques along with some tips and tricks with you over at her website Akamatra. 

16. 5 Minute Updo


This bohemian chic style can be dressed up for a special occasion, or dressed down for a day at the office. And the author claims that it only takes 5 minutes to do! Make your way over to Hey Wanderer to find out how to recreate this fun hairdo yourself.

17. Side French Braid


Side styles look great in photos, and this one in particular looks wonderful from all angles. And here’s the good news – it is created similarly to the classic french braid, only positioned in a different way. Head over to Ma Nouvelle Mode to find out all about it.

18. Three Bun Updo


This lovely style has a unique look, and it is surprisingly easy to do. It is made out of three buns that are collected at the nape of the neck. And that’s all there is to it! Head over to Go Make Me to find out more about this gorgeous, super versatile hairdo.

19. Topsy Tail For Grownups


If you grew up in the 90’s, then you’ll probably remember the topsy tail that was so trendy at the time. Well there’s good news – the topsy tail is back, in grownup form! Head over to Camille Styles to find out how to recreate this old-school look on your own hair.

20. Rolled Chignon


Here we have a beautifully elegant hairstyle with a spiraled look to it. It is actually a rolled chignon, and it is done by first pinning two twists halfway up and then rolling the rest of your hair up. Check out the full photo tutorial over at Camille Styles to find out more.

21. Braided Updo


This tutorial specifically states that this style is great for long thick hair, and you can see why. It involves some serious braiding and wrapping and looping. Make your way over to Pearls and Scissors to check out tons of photos that will show you how to do this style.

22. Lace Ponytail


Here’s a charming look that is done using lace, an elastic and perhaps some hairspray. Simply gather your hair into a pony, wrap the lace around your head, and then continue wrapping it around the ponytail itself. Learn all about it at Bridal Musings.

23. Twisted Rope Crown


This lovely style looks a bit like rope, giving it an old fashioned sort of vibe. The key to achieving this look is to twist two sections of hair together. Make your way over to the Ducklings In A Row blog to find out how to recreate this look on your own hair.

24. Easy 3-Step Updo


This is one of those fun styles that would be perfect for a day out on the town, but it’s also one of those looks that seems impossible to recreate without a tutorial. So we have one for you! Head on over to Ducklings In A Row to find out how to do it.

25. Waterfall Braided Bun


And last but not least, we have a beautiful side swept style that would be perfect for a wedding or special event. It begins with a waterfall braid, and then cascades down into a side bun. Head over to Oh The Lovely Things to find out how to do this one yourself.

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