Cool Summer Dresses

Only by chosing one piece you already have your outfit so you will only miss to pick the details. Long, maxi, mid or short dress every single of them is a lovely choice for the summer season. From one hand you will look graceful and from another you will have comfort and you will feel cool while you wear it. The dresses are just perfect for every occasion, you can wear them on the beach, on a date, on a meeting, on a lunch or maybe for a walk.

1. Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses usually refer to everyday wear informal dresses. One colored maxi dress is a perfect pick for this summer season. This lovely dresses are looking even better with an open leg. When the high temperatures are increasing during the summer this dresses will make you feel graceful but on the other side it will give you comfort. You will feel like you don’t wear anything because this dresses are so nicely designed so it could make you feel like you are in bikinis. Adriana Lima bravely showed how to combine the lovely purple maxi dress with high with high heels but you might combine the maxi dresses with flats as well.

2. Floral Dress


Floral dresses are always in for the summer season. No matter if they are maxi, mid or short dresses they just looks fantastic. The whole spring summer floral prints are just perfect for the summer season because they bring freshness into your total outfit.  You can choose them in many colors. The choice for this summer is very big so the only thing that is left is to go to the next store and to find the perfect floral dress for you. The summer collections are full of florals so you will have big choice.

3. Army Green Dress


Army green is still in since last winter season. The army green and also the army print were always present in the fashion runways this recent year. The army green colored dresses are super cool and they offer a totally different look for the daily street outfits. You can combine the army green colored dress with nudes colors and also with navy blue and black color. For a more glamorous street style look you can combine the army green color with gold color high heels or with some other gold color details.

4. Denim Dress


All in denim is a famous street street style outfit and a denim dress is a perfect way to have this outfit only by chosing one piece. Denim dresses are interesting and you can really easily combine them with many shoes. Street version by combining it with sneakers or an elegant version by combing it with flats or high heels. You can also combine it with sandals. The denim fashion pieces are really easy to combine and mix with almost every color. Like on the photo this denim dress is mixed with white sneakers and tiger print bag which makes a perfect street style combination.

5. Lace Dress


Pastel lace dresses are totally in this summer season. Like on the photo above Taylor combined her pastel purple lace dress with a mid high heels in dark beige color. The short lace dresses let the look to be romantic and graceful but on the other hand it is daily look which you can use for a daily lunch, business meeting or maybe a date. This pastel colors are a nice match with all the nudes colors and also with black color. Find the perfect pastel lace dress for you and have your romantic princess style outfit.

6. Shirt Dress


Shirt dresses are the new invention of the fashion designers. The dresses that look alike shirts but are quite longer are really in this summer season. This so nice and comfort dresses are super fashion piece which you can wear this summer. Comfort and beautiful it is a perfect pick when the temperatures will increase a lot. One colored, floral, with stripes or colorful every kind of them is in this season. Chose your shirt dress and wear it with flats, or high heels depend of the event where you will wear it.

7. Beach Open Back Dress


The open back dresses are always in regarding the beachwear. Mostly the best choice for the summer season is the white version of this dress like on the photo above. This is an elegant beachwear which is perfect for beach dinner or a nice romantic beach date. You can combine this dress with fliplops or flats sandals. Also the white version is ready to be mixed with all nudes, gold or neon colors.

8. Pencil Dress


Pencil dresses are maybe the most sexy dresses ever. They are totally showing the womans sexappeal. They are perfect for the daily business meeting or for a daily date. This dresses are in in every color but they are so magnificent when they are in florals like on the photo. Miranda Kerr really adores the pencil dresses so she wears them really often. For this occasion she chose floral pencil dress which she combined with red pumps.

9. Off Shoulder Dress


Off shoulder dresses will be total in this summer season. Off shoulder tops and dresses are so cool combination for this summer season. They are famous in every color and in every different way. The runways this season were full with this fashion styled tops and dresses. They are perfect for the daily outfits but also they are nice choice for the evenings as well. Like on this photo you can also combine your off shoulder dress with a nice summer hat and a nice flat shoes. This red dress might be an inspiration for your next outfit.

10. White Dress


White dresses are in every summer season. The white color brings freshness in the summer outfits so it is always present during the summer. White summer dresses are famous in every shape and in every lenght during the summer. For a more formal and romantic look you might chose white lace short dress like on the photo or white long dress mixed with high heels sandals or pumps. For an informal look you might chose white maxi or plan mid white dress combined with flats.

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