Saturday , 2 July 2022

Cool Punky Pink Streaks for Women

1. Subtle Pink Streaks in Brown Hair

Pink streaks in brown hair don’t have to be obvious and front-and-center to be pretty.


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2. Pink Peek-a-Boo Streaks in Dark Brown Hair

Pink peek-a-boo highights in dark brown hair are subtle and perfect.


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3. Peek-a-Boo Pink and Brown Hair

Larger streaks of pink underneath brown hair look trendy and chic.


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4. Pink Highlights in Brown Hair

All over pink highights in dark brown hair are just right.


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5. Pink Ombre Streaks in Dark Hair

Need a fun look with a little depth? Try dark to light pink ombre streaks in brown hair.


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6. Pink Bangs With Dark Hair

Bright pink bangs really stand out in this dark brown hair.


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7. Choppy Pink Bangs in Dark Hair

If choppy asymetrical bangs aren’t edgy enough for you, add some bright ink highlights!


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8. Pink Streaks Framing Face

Highlight your pretty face with some equally pretty ink streaks in brown hair.


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9. One Pink Streak in Brown Hair

Not ready to go full on ink yet? Try one or two pink streaks in brown hair for a cute look.


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10. Dip Died Coral Pink Hair With Streaks

Dip dyed hair is definitely trendy right now. You can add to the look with a few additional pink streaks in brown hair above the dip dyed ends.


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11. Pink Streaks in Wavy Brown Hair

Pink streaks in wavy brown hair are soft and feminine.


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12. Brown Hair With Bright Pink Bangs

Get wild and crazy with some bright pink streaks in your bangs! Dying the underside of brown hair bright pink also adds to this fun colorful look!


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13. Dark Pink Streaks in Brown Angled Bob

Dark pink streaks give an angled bob a trendy yet sophisticated look.


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14. Pink Streaks in Brown Curly Hair

Pink streaks mix with blue and yellow in this curly and colorful brown hairstyle


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15. Subtle Pink Highlights in Brown Bangs

Highlight bangs with subtle pink streaks in wavy brown hair.


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16. Deep Pink Streaks in Dark Hair

The deep pink streks in this dark brown hair really pop, making this a fun eye catching look!


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17. Peek-a-Boo Purple and Pink Streaks in Brown Hair

Purple and pink peek-a-boo streaks make a pretty pairing in this long brown hair.


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18. Pink Streaks Around Face

Make sure your pink streaks in brown hair really show up by putting them front and center!


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19. Wide Pink Streak Under Brown Hair

One or two wide pink streaks in brown hair underneath is really all you need to turn a few heads!


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20Streaky Pink Brown Hair

Add pink streaks throughout the hair for a punk rock piecey look.


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21. Peek-a-Boo Pastel Pink Streaks in Brown Hair

Pastel pink streaks in brown hair are sweet and just a little bit edgy.


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22. Wide Pink Streak in Brown Hair

A single wide pink streak in pink hair shows a girly wild side!


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23. Pink Streaks in Straight Brown Hair

Glam up straight brown hair with some subtle pink streaks underneath.


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24. Bright Purple and Pink Bangs

If you’re searching for a really colorful look, these bright purple and pink bangs make this dark brown hairstyle look crazy amazing!


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