Cool Halloween Costumes

Today we’re sharing 25 of our favorite easy DIY Halloween costumes that you’ll be able to finish in no time. Keep reading to check them out!

1. Ice Cream Cone


This first idea is incredibly easy to pull off, and your friends are sure to praise your creativity. Turn yourself into an ice cream cone by wearing a tan colored skirt and covering a white shirt with “sprinkles.” Head over to Studio DIY to find out all the details of this fun costume.

2. Easy Pineapple


This next one is super easy to pull off too, yet very trendy at the same time…. pineapples are hot these days! Simply pair a yellow dress with a green cardstock head piece and you’ll be well on your way to pineapple heaven. Check out the full tutorial at Revamperate.

3. Vincent Van Gogh


This clever Vincent Van Gogh costume is a great one for the guys. All you’ll need are a few specific pieces of clothing – a straw hat, a blue jacket and a white shirt. Oh, and don’t forget the pipe! Head over to The House That Lars Built to find out how to recreate this look.

4. Wind Up Doll


This wind up doll costume is quite lovely, and just a little bit creepy too! The makeup is the star here, along with the cardboard wind up key. You can also learn how to make the yarn wig. Check out all the instructions over at the Little Inspiration blog.

5. Sunny Side Up Egg Costume


This incredibly cute costume is crazy simple to make… just put on an all white outfit, and then attach a piece of yellow felt to your stomach. And voila – a sunny side up egg! Make your way over to Lacey Placey to find out exactly how to recreate this Halloween costume yourself.

6. Cardboard Ice Cream Cone


Next up, we have a different variation of an ice cream cone costume – this time it involves lots of cardboard. Just grab some paint and some pom poms to create this adorable cone. Head over to Hello Wonderful to find out all the details of this costume.

7. Heart Eyes Emoji Costume


Show off your love of tech with this incredibly fun heart eyes emoji costume. Start with a yellow dress, and then head over to LaurDIY’s YouTube channel to find out how to add the face and make the yellow tutu out of fabric. Your friends will absolutely love it!

8. Where’s Waldo Costume


This Where’s Waldo costume is incredibly easy to make… just buy a red and white striped shirt, a hat with a red pom pom, and a pair of faux glasses if you don’t wear them normally. Head over to the Huffington Post to check out this and tons of other ideas.

9. Juno Maternity Costume


If you’re a fun of the cult classic movie Juno, then you’ll love this simple maternity costume. This is a great option if you’re already pregnant, but you could also create a fake belly if you’re not. Head on over to Brit + Co. to check out the full tutorial for this fun costume.

10. Donut Costume


Get in on the donut craze with this fun donut costume from Kelly at Studio DIY. This is made out of an inflatable pool inner tube, foam hair curlers and lots of different spray paint colors. Make your way over to Studio DIY to read the full tutorial and to see more pictures.

11. Beautiful Sunny Day Costume


This is a wonderful costume for those of you that like to think outside the box a bit. Just grab a light blue sweatshirt or dress, some cotton balls and a few other materials to create this clever “beautiful sunny day” costume. Here are the instructions.

12. DIY Strawberry Costume


Isn’t this DIY strawberry costume adorable?! The key to this one is to add little white teardrop shapes to a red dress… and don’t forget the awesome green leaf headpiece! Make your way over to Studio DIY to find out all the details of this project and to see more images.

13. Snow White


This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” sort of costumes… it’s so easy, and so cute! Just search through your closet (or your local thrift store) for the perfect yellow skirt and blue top. And don’t forget the apple! See this and many other ideas at PopSugar. 

14. Medusa’s Hair


If you’re familiar with the story of Medusa, you know that she was famous for having snakes slithering around on her head… so all you’ll need for this genius costume is a few artificial toy snakes. Check out the full (quite simple) tutorial over at

15. Bat Costume


If you’re familiar with the story of Medusa, you know that she was famous for having snakes slithering around on her head… so all you’ll need for this genius costume is a few artificial toy snakes. Check out the full (quite simple) tutorial over at

16. Poison Ivy


Transform yourself into a bat with only a few simple materials, using this genius tutorial from SheKnows. You’ll need a black dress, some black fabric and a headband. Make your way over to SheKnows to find out all the details and to see more fun images.

17. Hippy Costume


This is a great costume for both kids and adults… simply pull together an all-green outfit, drape some faux ivy around your neck and carry some calamine lotion as a prop. Make your way over to eHow to check out this and lots of other super clever ideas.

18. The Bride of Frankenstein


A hippy outfit is another great idea for a simple Halloween costume. Round glasses and bohemian patterned clothing are the most important elements of this one, but don’t forget to wear your hair long and parted in the middle! Check out the video tutorial at The Girls With Glasses.

19. Mary Poppins


This memorable costume is actually super easy to recreate using things you probably already have at home. The arm pieces are made with strips of scrap fabric, while the makeup and big hair add some serious pizzazz. Read all about it over at Behind The Seams.

20. Artist Costume


Let the inner artist in you shine through with this adorable artist costume that would work for both kids and adults. Simply go crazy with some paints on a white apron and pop a beret on your head. Read all of the details of this tutorial over at eHow.

21. Pin It Button Costume


For those of you who love Pinterest as much as I do, you’ll probably adore this genius Pin It Button costume. All you’ll need is a red dress and a couple of signs that you can print out on your home printer. Head over to Ave Styles to check out this and lots of other last minute ideas.

22. Scarecrow


Throw on a plaid shirt and a brown hat for this simple yet super fun scarecrow Halloween costume. The makeup is the key, so be sure to add the mouth lines and the little nose. And for a finishing touch, grab a bouquet of sunflowers to carry around. Found on Flickr.

23. Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with this totally adorable Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume. Again, this will work for both kids and adults… but doesn’t it look extra cute on this kiddo? Make your way over to eHow to find out how to recreate this look.

24. Kate Middleton Costume


Become royal with this great Kate Middleton costume. You’ll need a blue dress, a fascinator-style hat, a pair of black pumps and a little clutch. And don’t forget to do the royal wave as you walk around! Head over to Merricks Art to find out more about this fun costume.

25. Stranger Things Costume


And if you are a fan of Stranger Things, then you’ll get a kick out of this last costume idea. Dress up as Elle by wearing a pink dress and walking around with Eggo waffles. Make your way over to Brit + Co. to see more baby costume ideas like this hilarious one.

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