Amazing French Tip Nail Designs

1. Rose Gold French Tip

The rose gold colour has been trending for a few seasons now and you can see why.
Instagram / thenailtrail

From homeware, fashion clothing to nails. These gorgeous rose gold French tips look divine! The contrast between the colours and the tips is incredible. We’re definitely going to be trying this! Rose gold tips with pastel shade colours are perfectly suited. Also, don’t worry about clashing your jewellery with these nails, rose gold looks so good with gold and silver jewellery.
2. Nude & Navy Blue Design

Nude colours are always so classy and chic.


Instagram / workplaypolish

Paint your nails with a nude beige shade and team with a navy tip. This look is great for working, school, going to a party, or just relaxing at home.
3. Classic White French Tip

With all the new nail arts and trends out now, people tend to forget about the classic white French tip.


Instagram / loveslacquer

The classic French manicure has been in nail fashion industry for a many years. Many women have become accustomed with the nail style. Majority of women tend to choose this style due to its simplicity and versatility.

The French manicure will go with anything you wear and you don’t have to change the colour of your nails every day. It looks elegant and effortless, but if you’re bored of this simple and classic design, why not add nail art to your ring finger and a spot of silver to make it stand out. You will still have the elegance and chic style but with a touch of glamour. This is ideal for sprucing up your outfit, for any occasion.
4. Red Glittery Tips

Red on nails always looks sexy and feminine.


Instagram / apolishaddict

Many girls stay away from the bright red fingernails, due to it staining your nails afterwards, but we have a solution! Apply to the tips only. Look how gorgeous these red glittery nails look. You can always add some nail art for extra effect.
5. Thin Silver Tips

Instead of sticking to the white French tips, add silver tips to show off your creative side.


Instagram / nailsbyarelisp

Silver tips, look amazing with a nude / pink base like the photo above. It adds something special and keeps the stylish look.
6. Sparkly Glitter Tips

Glittery tips are heavenly.


Instagram / apolishaddict

If we happen to notice someone else with glittery nails, of course we check them out, it’s in our nature. This is where many ideas come from. If you opt for these gorgeous nails, next time you’re in a store having the cashier your money, I’m sure they’ll be checking your sexy nails out!
7. Nude Base + Burgundy Tips

Nude colour nails creates a fresh and chic style.


Instagram / nikki_makeup

Adding burgundy tips sets your nails on fire and shows off your sassy side.
8. Glittery Tips

Having a nude colour base with glittery tips will create more attention.


Instagram / badgirlnails

You have taken all the focus away from your nails and eyes are instantly drawn to the tips.
9. Nude & Light Blue Design

Who would have thought that light blue and nude went together so well!


Instagram / vicky19_92

These colours look incredible. The blue sets off the nude and gives it a very different vibe.
10. French Tip for Short Nails

Having short nails can sometimes be a pain, especially when you want your nails to grow.


Instagram / vicky19_92

They seem to take a long time even get passed your finger pads. The classic French manicure whit white tips looks great on all length of nails. The white tips can give the illusion that your nails are longer than they actually are.
11. Black & Red French Tip Design

Are you looking for striking nails?


Instagram / workplaypolish

Red and black will be your best option. Have a solid black base and then add the red to the tips. Switch it up a little by reserving the look on one finger.
12. French Tip Nails with a Pop of Silver

Sparkle is a girl’s best friend.


Instagram / phenomenail

If you’re used to having the classic French manicure, white tip with a nude natural base, try adding a pop of silver to your mani. This way you will still have your classic French manicure but with a twist. This would be perfect for weddings or parties.
13. Black Matte Design

Do you tend to reach for the black shiny base and always have black nails?


Instagram / nikki_makeup

This can sometimes look dark and gloomy. Who wants to feel like this in Spring/Summer? We have come up with a solution for you. You get to keep your sexy black nails but switch it up a little by using a matte base and add a shiny black tip. Gorgeous!
14. Sparkly Purple Nails

Having a clear base will open up many doors for your nails tips.


Instagram / thenailboss

Take for instance, this purple sparkle colour. The natural base looks so healthy and shiny and the purple tips will complement your nails.
15. Nude French Tip on Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are huge right now and many people are choosing to have them.


Instagram / nikki_makeup

For those who don’t know, stiletto nails have been around for many years but lately, it seems they are becoming popular. This is down to celebrities showing off their stiletto claws. From Katy Perry, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Khloe Kardashian who are loving their stilettos. They look stunning with a natural nude base. This is simple and classy design which will go with any outfit.
16. White French Tip + Roses

Have a natural looking glow about your nails with this elegant style.


Instagram / yagala

Using a nude base with the nail tips painted in white and adding the rose band creates a girly and feminine feel. It also adds a touch of colour, which is attractive to the eye.
17. Pink French Tips with Rhinestones

This is sparkles galore.


Instagram / dliciousnails

Make your nails looks this striking and girly with rhinestones. Natural colour base with pink tips and rhinestone gems are added just below the tip line to complete the sparkly effect.
18. Elegant French Tip Design

Decorating classy elegant French tip nails is becoming more popular.


Instagram / vicky19_92

Instead of keeping them simple with a natural base and white tips, many people combine nail art with the classic French manicure like the photo above. You still have the simplicity of the natural base and it will still go with all of your clothes and accessories. You could always go back to the classic manicure.
19. Golden Tips on Almond Shaped Nails

Rock your golden tips this spring and summer with the new craze.


Instagram / a_akiko

This is a gorgeous design, which will stand out with the trending almond shape nails. Round and square shaped nails are so last season, so you need to get on the almond look. They are perfect for elongating your fingers and nails to make them look longer than they are. If you have shorter nails, try filing your nails this shape for a change. The golden tips will accentuate your nails and give off a summery natural glow.
20. Neon Colored French Tips for Spring and Summer

We have green, we have yellow, we have orange, red and blue. Almost like a rainbow, right?


Instagram / lackfein

These need to be all neon colours to make this design stand out. To get you in the mood for summer, paint your nails like this. This is a great summery vibe and simple to do. It looks effortless and stylish. The base needs to be a neutral colour so the emphasis is drawn to the nail tips and not the base. Ideal for fun days out that turn into evening summer parties.


Instagram / narashivanienogotkov

You start by painting your nails a natural colour base with light blue tips. Leave your accent finger until last. Accent nails have been popular for some time now and the finger that usually is decorated is the ring finger, like the photo above. This features a pretty bow design for the cute effect.
22. Pink & White Design for Short Nails

How cute is this design. This works so well with shorter nails.


Instagram / vicky19_92

This is super girly and it’s perfect for any occasion especially a wedding. It’s romantic and has a touch of glamour. On one hand you have nails that are based on a baby pink colour, with a white tip, whilst the other nails are white with a touch of nail art at the bed of the nail. This arty design is created in a semi-circle shape. On the other hand, you have all nails painted in a baby pink base with a white tip but with a different nail art design. You can always have plain painted nails, you don’t have to add the gems, it’s entirely up to you.
23. Glittery French Tips

Go for bold blue as a base and white silver tips.


Instagram / workplaypolish

This crazy glittery frenzy French manicure is divine. The nail tips are highlighted in silver glitter whilst the glittery blue stands out on its own accord. This is a very eye-catching design.
24. Unique Red & White Design

Go for an outstanding red and white unique design.


Instagram / innailart_studio

A bloody red base with a long sided nail tips in white. Extravagant and powerful topped with a top shiny clear coat.
25. Long White & Silver Glitter Nails

Why not set the new trend for the next classic French manicure with this gorgeous white and silver style.


Instagram / CileneSilveira

This works better with long nails as you get to have the straight line of silver glitter just below the white nail tip. Sorry to all of you with shorter nails, but you could always get false nails for this style. This is based on three different nail polishes – natural pink base, white and silver glitter. You can always add a clear top coat so it lasts longer.
26. Black French Tip

This nude pink and black tip combination will definitely stand out.


Instagram / vicky19_92

The main base is a nude colour pink shade with black polish for the nail tips.
27. Black Matte Nails with Golden French Tips

Nowadays matte black is the choice of style rather than shiny for the main base colour.


Instagram / chalkboardnails

A matte effect nail polish is exciting and with the golden tips, looks elegant and classy.
28. White and Sparkly Silver French Tip Nails

Combining white and silver will create a sophistication and chic style.


Instagram / thenailboss

Make your mark and statement with this gorgeous white and sparkly silver French tip nails. Use a clear base, paint your nail tips in white and add a line of silver underneath. Coat your ring finger fully in sparkly silver for the overall glamorous appearance.
29. Nude Nails with Gold French Tips

Nude pink is a great colour for a base.


Instagram / nailsbyarelisp

A nude colour is usually associated with the classic French manicure, this colour looks fresh and clean. Gold tips add a sun-kissed glow to your nails.
30. Black French Tips + Stiletto Shaped Nails

If you’re a fan of shoe stilettos, you’ll love these.


Instagram / nikki_makeup

Having these girl boss shaped nails are so powering and sexy. The natural colour base looks subtle but by adding the black stiletto tip, you are serious.
31. Red + Silver Glitter French Tips

When we look at these nails, sassy, sexy, and sparkle spring to mind.
Instagram / workplaypolish

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