Cool Easter Nail Art Designs

1. Pastel Design

Pastels and spring go perfectly together, just like … well, pastels and spring really. This one combines a lot of different looks in one, but you don’t need to go for them all. Pick your favorite, or have nine all the same with one feature nail? Or even one featured nail on each hand? The ball really is in your court, and with designs as cute as these on the market, it really is time to get creative!

Instagram / fervelia

2. Polka Dots + Bunnies

Bunnies are a great idea for Easter nails, and they’re so much easier to paint yourself than you first may have thought. Start with your base coat, making sure you’ve done the full works before hand. This means removing any excess polish from the last mani you had, and giving everything a good file and shape. Add that lilac pop on the top, and find a darker purple shade to create those polka dots. You will also need a dotting design for that, but we’ve managed to use the round end of a hair grip and creative some pretty fabulous designs, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t have what you need. After that, a white elliptical for the rabbits face, a couple of ears, and some pink and black added in to give the bunny more detail. Not as tough as you first thought at all, right?

Instagram / thepolishlist

3. Cute Matte Design

Matte nails are a really big deal right now, but don’t worry if you don’t have a bunch of matte shades on hand. Simply paint your nail design, like these cute bunny and carrot nails, and rather than using a glossy top coat, give it a matte top coat instead. You’ll have matte nails and you won’t have needed to go out and buy a bunch of new polishes!

Instagram /clairelofthouse

4. Colorful Design for Long Nails

If you have longer nails, why not play around with a slightly more intricate design. We love the horizontal stripes on these nails, using nail foils to help separate and give it a good illuminating pop. Bunnies and chicks are the name of these game with these delights, but you could add easter egg designs, or any spring-like design you like really. How about daffodils? Daffodils always remind us of spring!

Instagram / xnailsbymiri

5. Flowers + Bunny Accent Nail

Green – how do you feel about it? Well, for spring-time, and particularly easter, we think it’s the perfect shade. Especially when you combine them with some beautiful daisies and a white bunny too. Green is the color most meant to symbolize new life, nature, energy, harmony, and fertility. If that doesn’t say “spring celebration”, we don’t know what does!

Instagram / emilysmakeupandnails

6. Purple Design

Lilac, lavender, mauve – purples – are a really great color, especially when it comes to easy and simple easter nail art designs, but you’ll definitely want to remember to use a base coat. Purple, and many other bright shades, have a habit of leaving a nasty staining behind. If you find you do suffer with this, grab yourself a lemon. Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents, and it’ll help to get rid of some of that discoloration.

Instagram / melcisme

7. Pink Ombre Design

What a super-cool design! These easy and simple easter nail art designs use a watercolor-ombre effect, and that’s such a cool look for right now. You will want to use a really good white base coat underneath to help the pink on top to stand out. You will also want to make sure you have yourself a good quality white polish also. White tends to be the color that most streaks.

Instagram / zigiztyle

8. Cute Easter Chick Nails

Easter and chicks – they go great together, don’t they? You should definitely consider nails like this for your spring-time fun, especially if you want something cute and pastel. Easy to do, it’s a five-minute manic that we would definitely recommend.

Instagram / fervelia

9. Cute Carrot Design

If you don’t want bunnies, how about carrots? And speaking of carrots, we really fancy eating some juicy carrot cake right now! Anyway, cake and food aside, let’s pay some more attention to these super cute easy and simple easter nail art designs. A little triangle of orange gives you the main bulk of the carrot, and a few flicks with your thin brush and some green paint will give you the greenery you need to make it look authentic. Simple and cute – isn’t that what you were looking for?

Instagram / phenomenail

10. White Design with an Accent Nail

An accent nail is a great way of livening up your nails, without the need to liven up all your nails. You could give your main color a quick touch-up at the base, and then re-paint or re-design just one featured or accent nail, giving it that spring / easter-touch. If you don’t have time for a full manicure, just give one nail the manicure treatment instead. It’ll take one tenth of the time … in theory anyway.

Instagram / lalalovenailart

11. Spring & Easter Design

Florals are always a really good idea for easter, and spring is when all the flowers bloom so what better time really? We can’t help but thing that a rhinestone would make the perfect addition for the center of a flower, with the petals coming out from around it. What do you think? And please show us if you do give it a shot!

Instagram / nailswithcolors

12. Simple & Elegant

You don’t need to go all-out when it comes to easy and simple easter nail art designs. These still give the game away with regards to the theme, but at the same time they’re very muted and understated – nothing too bold or in-your-face. It makes them a lot easier to wear than the brighter and bolder styles, and also means you nails will have a better match with more of your closet choices.

Instagram / nailsbyjema

13. Chick & Glitter Accent Nails

When using glitter on your nails, we would always recommend that you start with a decent base coat. Glitter is renowned for being really impossible to get off once you’re done with it, but the base coat helps to create a barrier level between the polish itself, and your nail. When you try to get rid of it, a bit of soaking in acetone-free nail polish remover will do the trick. You know, just in case these glitter lovelies take your fancy.

Instagram / kimbernails_

14. Colorful & Eye-catching

If you want something bright, bold and eye-catching, how about easy and simple easter nail art designs like these? They’ve got everything you need to make them easter and spring-like – pastels, florals, bunnies, and carrots. Now if only there were chocolate in there too, they really would be a true representation of our easter.

Instagram / xnailsbymiri

15. Simple Pink Design

Nobody really knows where the true origin of the word “easter” lies, but there have been links to Latin, although that was originally derived from a translation error … For the record, over ninety million chocolate bunnies are made around the globe every year for easter, and we plan on eating quite a few of those … How about you?

Instagram / melcisme

16. Bunny + Carrot

It’s the carrot nail we particularly loved about these easy and simple easter nail art designs, although you can’t deny it – they’re all very cute indeed. A combination of matte and gloss finishes helps to make this look stand out, that and the bright orange shade, of course.

Instagram /clairelofthouse

17. Pastel Ombre Nails

Believe it or not, bunnies haven’t always been associated with easter. It’s said that the association is an American thing, although first introduced by Germans, and the fables and myths date as far back as the thirteen century. Eating chocolate bunnies is a much more modern affair, as are easy and simple easter nail art designs. We’re very thankful for adorable nail designs such as these!

Instagram / nailsbyjema

18. Cute Red Design

Red isn’t a color that you would normally associate with spring and easter, but as you can tell, it works rather well. This design, complete with cute bunnies and carrots, is bright and colorful, but not over-the-top. That’s just one reason why we love them.

Instagram /mvargas_nails

19. Bright Bunny Ears Design

If you don’t want full bunnies, just add bunny ears to the tips of your nails, just like these easy and simple easter nail art designs. Each nail has been painted a different pastel shade – another great idea for the spring time – and each one has had their own unique set of bunny ears painted on. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from using decals or transfers. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Instagram / clairelofthouse

20. Cute Design for Short Nails

The churches are filled with flowers on Easter Sunday, and this is designed to symbolize the new life – the resurrection of Jesus Christ, if you like to follow the religious side of things. We’d love to fill our homes with flowers too, although that isn’t always practical. We’ll settle for beautiful floral nail designs like these instead.

Instagram / the_nail_lounge_miramar

21. Easter Bunny Nails

And last, but certainly not least, easter bunny nails. Because what easy and simple easter nail art designs list would be complete without a classic easter bunny. Go cute and adorable, or be realistic if you dare. How good is your hand-painting skills?

Instagram / sinneyarchive

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