Cool DIY Lip Balms

We’re sharing today some DIY lip balms that will keep your pucker silky smooth and ready for the day ahead. Take a look!

1. Kool-Aid


Style Me Pretty shows us how Kool-aid can help you create the perfect little pot of balm. Color is and flavor it with your favorite!

2. Honey & Hemp


Check out Garden Therapy to learn how to create a honey and hemp infused balm. You’ll be a pro beauty DIY-er in no time.

3. Peppermint


Beautylish featured a peppermint DIY lip balm that is great year round but quite perfect for the wintertime blues. And it’s a great DIY gift as well.

4. Coconut Rose


My Baking Addiction goes the extra mile with this one. Add a bit of coconut and rose petals for something delicious and beautiful.

5. Gloss


Visit The Girl Inspired if learning how to make some gloss sounds inspiring. Add a bit of sparkle and shine to the balm that keeps your pucker moisturized.

6. Crystal Light


love u madly utilizes Crystal Light. Similar to the Kool-Aid recipe above, flavor and color it any way you’d like!

7. Bottle Cap


Learn how to place your balm in a bottle cap with the help of Autostraddle. It’s a bit niftier and offbeat in your DIYing escapades.

8. 5-Minute


This YouTube video will show you how to whip up your very own lip balm in just 5-minutes. Do it tonight!

9. Organic


Lia Griffith makes a wonderful, organic lip balm that we’ll all be flocking to as well. Check out the ingredients and start getting busy in the kitchen.

10. Lavender


If you’re a fan of lavender, you’ll want to hop on over Spoon Fork Bacon. They have all the details you need for creating this pot full of the floral.

11. Eos Refill


Crazy Organized gives us an extra special DIY to dive into. Learn how to refill those Eos pots without running to the store and buying a whole new one.

12. Almond Oil


Brit + Co utilizes almond oil in their DIY lip balm recipe and we love it! Check it out and grab your essential oils while you’re at it.

13. doTerra


If you like the idea of using essential oils in your recipe, then you’ve found the right spot. There are so many different combinations to try! (via)

14. Orange


Everything Etsy gives us a recipe for an “orange kiss” balm and we love it! Use them as favors or gifts for your girlfriends!

15. Mango Pina Colada


How does some mango pina colada lip balm sound to you? We find it the most delicious flavor on the list, grab it at DIY Inspired.

16. Old Lipstick


DIY Joy makes a DIY lip balm as well. And they’re taking some old lipsticks and using them to create some new and improved balm!

17. Blush


Free People really does something innovative and special. Using some organic blush, you’ll get a headstart on your tinted lip balm creation.

18. Beeswax


Over at Daily Mom, you’ll learn how to make an easy lip balm too. But this time, a bit of beeswax is called for.

19. Baby Lips


Who loves Baby Lips? Well, if you’re a fan, learn how to make some of your own with the help of this YouTube video.

20. Crayons


Half Baked Liz uses crayons in her creations. Yes, crayons, and you’d be surprised how well they work and how normal this ingredient is.

21. 10-Minute


Whip up something special in just 10-minutes. Hop on over to Happiness Homemade and snatch up all of the details.

22. Stain


Yes Missy shows us how to make a lip balm that will also give you a bit of a stain. Go darker or lighter, depending on what you fancy!

23. Birthday Cake


Soap Deli News goes the extra mile with their flavoring too. Learn how to make a birthday cake lip balm!

24. Swirled


We’re loving all of the colors and flavors you can learn to create when it comes to your balm. But we’re also loving this swirled finished product as well. (via)

25. Pink-Tinted Lip Balm


And finally, visit Delia Creates and learn how to make some classic, pink-tinted lip balm with ease. It’s our favorite on the list!

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