Cool Bun Hairstyles

In order to help you with this, we picked ten amazing buns that you can try out. These will really help you during lazy days, busy days or “don’t know how to fix my hair” days. From messy to braided, pick your favorite.

1. Tuxedo Braid Messy Bun


This bun hairstyle is perfect for any occasion literally – a reason more to love it. It will take you 10 minutes, but only if you’re already good at doing your own hairstyles. If not, it will take you more time, but it will be worth it! The bun is actually a combination of upside down French braid over Dutch braid. If you don’t have enough long hair, you can use hair extensions. Also, if you crave a messier look, loosen the bun a bit.

2. Triple Braided Bun


It is really more simple than it looks. All you have to do is separate your hair into three sections, and braid each section into three smaller braids. Then just roll them until you get a hairstyle as the one showed on the picture and secure it with pins. Three small buns look as good as one big, right? To make your hairstyle love even lovelier, you can add hair accessories, such as flower clips and similar.

3. Curved Dutch Braid to Messy Bun


If you know how to make Dutch braid, then you won’t have any problems with this hairstyle. The Dutch braid actually the hardest part, while the bun is really simple. However, this hairstyle requires more instructions, so make sure to check out the link below the picture. What we can say for sure is that this kind of hairstyles is what we need every day. They might be hard at the beginning, but as they say – practice makes it perfect. After that, you really want to wear this hairstyle every single day.

4. Double Fishtail Bun

Fishtails are such pretty kind of braids, and when you combine them with bun, what you get is super pretty hairstyle for any occasion you can come up with. What you have to do is tease your hair, pull it back and make a ponytail. Separate it in two sections and make a fishtail braid of each. Loosen them both and just roll them around until you have a low braided bun. It should look adorable just as much as the one on the picture.

5. Rose Bun


It’s all about teasing, ladies! Separate your hair in three section – at the back of the head, on side and on top. Make a ponytail at the back section and twist it into bun. Tease the upper section, pin it to the top of the bun and then roll it around the bun. Smooth with comb the last layer and again twist it around the bun. It should look like the one on the picture. The Rose Bun can also be great for any occasion, but weddings might be the best options. With a rose accessory, they really can make a wedding hairstyle.

6. Side French Bun


Braiding and twisting, that’s all you have to do with this hairstyle. It is actually a side French braid that ends up as braided bun. It looks great on long hair – the longer, the better. Lazy hair days will never be the same with this kind of bun. Wearing it it will help you always stay prepared for what’s ahead. Your hair will look great, so you won’t be wondering how’s it looking. Chic and elegant, that’s the kind of hairstyles we need more in our lives!

7. Bow Bun


The bow bun is such a Tumblr hairstyle, but hey why not? No wonder it got so popular! Gather your hair to make a ponytail and on the last pull don’t pull your hair all the way through. Create a loop and leave the ends pointing towards the forehead. Divide the loop in two halves, take the ends of the hair and fold them through the loops. With this you are going to create the knot of the bow, fluff it out by spreading out the loops.

8. Messy Bun


Messy bun is such a chic hairstyle, especially in the past few months. The more is settled on the top of the head, the better it is. It’s recommended to not brush your hair, after all it’s a messy look we’re heading for. Also, when making the bun, don’t do it too tightly. In fact, leave a finger or two of wiggle room between your scalp and the bun’s wrapping point. To achieve this effortless look better, use skinny hair band as well.

9. Cotton Candy Bun


It looks really elegant, we agree. Here’s what you have to do: Make a ponytail and tease it. Spray it and start twisting around the base of the bun. Spray it more and in the same time use rat tail comb to gently pull at the bun. This way you can make your bun more voluminous without crushing it. So you see, these are the few steps to have a cotton candy bun. It’s simple, easy and cute!

10. Low Bun


Last and probably the easiest on the list! All you have to do to achieve this low bun hairstyle is tease your hair at the crown and tie a low ponytail. Again, tease the ponytail but this time only the upper section. Use the other section to flip over the top of your teased bun. Last step is wrapping piece of hair around the base of your bun. Voila!

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  1. I really love the third one! What is your favorite?

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